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Fit, free, aged 60 and transitioning into retirement, this blog – see my daily posts below – is about what really matters in life – staying healthy, keeping your finances on track, setting goals and making the most of time. It’s about seeing the world, engaging with modern society, enjoying leisure and being with family and friends.

World’s greatest restaurant stumbled upon after day in the desert

Went to what is indisputably the world’s greatest restaurant last night – La Trattoria in Marrakesh. We discovered it by chance a few years ago after a very long trip to Ouarzazate, the so-called gateway to the desert.   We’d been out for most of the day and were both very tired and wanted somewhere toContinue reading “World’s greatest restaurant stumbled upon after day in the desert”

A meal out in one of Gueliz’s oldest restaurants

I own a small apartment in Gueliz, Marrakesh’s so-called French Quarter so we come here every Spring to meet the lettings agent and check how things are going. It is now rented out long-term so rather than staying in my own flat we enjoy the luxury of the five star Radisson Blu which is onlyContinue reading “A meal out in one of Gueliz’s oldest restaurants”

I hate to travel but love to arrive

Eat out al-fresco last night.   Had dinner and shared a bottle of white wine next to the pool of Radisson Blu’s Carre Eden hotel in Marrakesh’s French Quarter. After what felt like months of non-stop rain back home, I could still just about remember what the sun looked like but was beginning to feel thatContinue reading “I hate to travel but love to arrive”

More money off deals for the over-60s

Following on from yesterday’s blog about discounted travel for the over, here are some more money off deals for the over-60s starting with cinema: Odeon – Enjoy discounted weekly Silver Cinema screenings for over-55s on a Wednesday at Odeon Cinema. Tickets are £3 and come with a hot drink and biscuit! Showcase Cinema – If Wednesdays areContinue reading “More money off deals for the over-60s”

Discounted travel offers for the over-60s

Sixty used to be when your pension started if you were a woman, nowadays many of us will have to wait until we’re 67.  It made me wonder whether there’s anything these days you can get cheaper or free when you reach this lifetime landmark. In preparation I thought I’d do a bit of researchContinue reading “Discounted travel offers for the over-60s”

Reconciling our retirement dates and dreams

My wife dropped the bombshell last night that she was considering putting off her retirement to “somewhere between 60 and 65”. She turns 57 in a couple of weeks’ time and she’d previously talked about 60 as a likely date to, at least, cut back her hours. There’d been nothing hard and fast about that,Continue reading “Reconciling our retirement dates and dreams”

Will my new committee role feel like work?

Through choice I spent yesterday evening at a committee meeting. I spent much of my working life avoiding them and now that I’m retired I’ve started going to them when I don’t have to.  Judging by the others in the room it’s what retired people do.  In fact, aged 59, I was welcomed as newContinue reading “Will my new committee role feel like work?”

What is the point of Equity Release?

As part of my 60th year project to get my retirement finances sorted I thought I’d find out about Equity Release.  What with all the bad press it’s something I’d only ever consider as a last resort to help both kids get properly on the housing ladder or maybe to fund a retirement property abroad.Continue reading “What is the point of Equity Release?”

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