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I’m Brian – not Bridget! – Jones and this is my diary. It’s about what really matters in life – staying healthy, keeping your finances on track, setting goals and making the most of time. It’s about seeing the world, engaging with modern society, enjoying leisure and being with family and friends.

My 2021 resolutions – health and purpose

This is the penultimate blog in this year in the life of me – a man transitioning into retirement. For the final two blogs I’m looking forward to next year, hopefully a better year, making a few resolutions.  Today I’m thinking about health and purpose. Health At my time of life, perhaps at all timesContinue reading “My 2021 resolutions – health and purpose”

Glad Christmas is just one day!

I wish it could be Christmas everyday, sang Wizzard’s Roy Wood. Was there ever a song title so misguided.   Truth is I’m glad that Christmas comes but once a year.  After a little more socially distant socialising on Boxing Day, today is all about getting back to normal.  I’ve enjoyed the socialising, presents and overindulgenceContinue reading “Glad Christmas is just one day!”

Tears in the tiers

There’s something about Christmas that always makes me feel more emotional. Sad things that happen this time of year have extra poignancy.  I’ll never forget how I felt about the Lockerbie disaster in 1988.  The plane carrying, amongst its 259 passengers, a local couple on what seemed then a very exotic weekend in New York,Continue reading “Tears in the tiers”

Gaming to get me through the mutant strain

What to do in the winter now that the mutant strain is here.  Before kids arrived in my life I spent a couple of months happily gaming – playing Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega Megadrive. For those few weeks in the early nineties I spent what felt like most waking hours coaxing my newContinue reading “Gaming to get me through the mutant strain”

Some Useful Links

The Centre for Ageing Better – A UK-based Lottery-funded project which works to create change in policy and practice to improve housing, health, employment and communities.

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing – Useful research and an interesting blog

Later Life – A range of courses helping people prepare for retirement

British Heart Foundation – 20 retirement transition tips from Britain’s leading heart charity

Age UK – an interesting article about preparing emotionally for retirement

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