New hobbies and goals for 2020

Well here I am in 2020.  My 60th year, sixth decade on planet Earth gets underway.  On way back from long weekend city break which was the usual mix of good and bad, one day I’ll truly find the secret of booking the perfect holiday. 

Horrendous 11-hour day of travel for three hour flight, very mixed hotel – good location, indifferent service – but a memorable New Year’s celebration in a Mediterranean city full of families enjoying being out together, none of the scenes of drunken debauchery you get at home.

So how does this new year feel on day one?  I’m trying to repeat my feat of a Dry January so having to resist the usual pre-flight treat of a gin and tonic is already feeling a challenge.

It’s been alcohol every day for most of the last month so my body is certainly due a detox.   I’m also resuming two meals a day to help shed that half a stone or more that I imagine I’ve put on in weight over Christmas.  Am dreading standing on the scales tomorrow morning. 

With nothing much to look forward to during cold, grey, dry January I’m wondering how I’m going to brighten my mood over the coming weeks.  A new car perhaps, something green and high tech that won’t break the bank, I’ll get going on the research in the next few days.

Maybe start a new hobby, every now and then I’m tempted to have a go at learning to play a musical instrument.  A very cool looking saxophonist accompanied some of the music outside a bar last night.  This morning an acoustic guitarist played at breakfast. I played the guitar – very badly – years ago and could try it again, maybe an electric guitar. 

I could target learning a riff to play with the band I’m planning to book for my 60th birthday party in July.  As I write this, a young pianist has just started playing Titanic’s ‘My heart will go on’ on the airport piano right next to me which was which was followed by spontaneous applause. It was like a scene from a film. A sign, perhaps?

Airport pianist

A few more mundane goals need attention too – the home’s heating system, my pension, work, the garden.  Am hoping for a few sunny days in January to get out there and dig for England! 

Talking of which I feel optimistic for the country.  I watched Boris’ New Year message this morning and it filled me with hope and optimism.  We’re going to get Brexit done, there’ll be a tidal wave of investment and he’s going to work his socks off.  The man’s a legend.  Let’s hope to God he delivers.

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