Like Love Islanders, I just wanna have fun

That’s a third of Dry January done now.  A big test last night, went for a curry before going out to watch a musical.  I love a couple of glasses of red to wash down the bhuna and then a G & T in the interval. 

During the day I started to think whether I was going to crack and have a drink but when the moment came I heard the words “a slimline tonic please” come from my mouth.  

The much more disciplined Mrs Jones looked a little disappointed and even said she wouldn’t have minded if I’d have cracked and would have joined me for a drink.  I spent a few minutes contemplating that before realising, and I don’t want to seem complacent, how easy I was finding this Dry January malarkey. 

The biggest challenge I’ve found is choosing something else to drink.  I actually like the taste of wine and think it goes well with a lot of meals.  I also like long drinks such as gin and tonic and dislike fizzy or sweet drinks that tend to fill you up.  

Slimline tonic with ice tastes pretty similar, to be honest, without the gin.  I’m keen to find other alternatives though and will be checking out this book when I get chance to find other options which I just may carry through into my future life.

The only thing I am missing is the fun that goes with alcohol and with January being such a dismal month anyway I’m not that bothered. For me, there’s no denying that alcohol in moderation brings with it a bit more fun. 

Me and Mrs Jones sharing a bottle of light, crisp Provence Rosé before an afternoon on the beach is one of my favourite things as is a glass of G & T at the end of the working week.  We just seem to have a bit more of a laugh together and relax that bit more and the same is true of drinking with friends. 

A couple of years ago, I don’t mind admitting, I watched a series of Love Island.  The new series, set in South Africa, starts tomorrow in the UK.  I remember one of the women dumping her man after just a few days before – cracking on with her new bev! – saying she’d done it because the new guy seemed like he was going to be more fun.

My first thought was how shallow, my second thought was what’s wrong with what she’s saying, isn’t that what’s life is all about, having fun?

I know, particularly, when you’re younger you focus on building relationships, getting a career, buying a house, starting a family but you have to have fun along the way.

When you’re older and you’ve done all that there’s little else – except looking after your health and family – than having a fun and sometimes a drink or two oils the wheels.

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