I am throwing my life away!

It all started a few weeks back when I went up to the loft to put the Christmas decorations away.  I normally dump it up there as quickly as possible, turn the lights out, put the ladder away, shut the hatch and leave it all there to fester until early December.

This year I couldn’t resist having a root around, tidied up some of my old work files and chucked out some of the old paint tins and polystyrene that had been there since I moved into the house about 15 years ago.

A few days later I started going through my clothes and bagging them up for the recycling bin near me.  This included an entire bag of old work suits and ties that I knew I’d never wear again.  I felt pleased about that!

Yesterday, my oldest daughter came round and I got her to sort through all the stuff she left in drawers and cupboards when she moved out.  I felt slightly emotional watching parts of her school life along with presents I’d bought over the years quickly disappear into a black bag.

I’ll soon have a completely empty room and no idea what to put in it.  I’m sure Mrs Jones will have some ideas!

I’ve been doing the same in the garden, weeding and cutting back.  Since Christmas, my three fairly large recycling bins are virtually full the moment they’re emptied.  I actually got excited when the binmen come so I can start the process again.

Today, I’ve got this overwhelming desire to start deleting files on my work and personal OneDrives in a bid to get super-organised. For what, I do not know.

Next week, I’m going to spend a few hours at my least favourite shop in the world Cex and see what my old phones, computers and DVDs are worth anything. I’m getting slightly manic about it to be honest, what’s going on?

Without knowing it, I’ve joined the decluttering movement which it seems is gaining momentum. I’m apparently downsizing my material possessions to jettison the literal and figurative baggage that I am carrying around in my life

There’s good science behind it,  too much clutter can be debilitating, creating a sense of noise that will limit my ability to focus and process information. So there!

I was just throwing stuff away, now I realise that’s far too simple, there’s a real science behind it and I’m doing it all wrong. 

According to the Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo, who I confess I’d never heard of until today, there are eight key lessons to learn before you start decluttering:

  1. Tackle Categories, Not Rooms
  2. Respect Your Belongings
  3. Nostalgia Is Not Your Friend
  4. Purging Feels SO Good
  5. Fold, Don’t Hang
  6. THE Fold! 
  7. Fall in love with your closet!
  8. Rediscover your style

Too late, thank God, it’s all in the bin!

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