January’s done, so is a third of a percent of my life

So there goes January, it dragged for the first few weeks then all of a sudden these last few days have flown by. That’s one-twelfth of 2020 and, by my calculation about one-third of one-percent of the rest of my life.

If I’m lucky enough to live the average lifespan of someone in the UK aged 60 I’ve got another 24 years to go, that’s another 300 or so months left.  I know it’s only a third of one percent but it’s still a statistic that puts each month into context and it makes me even more determined to make the most of each month and its constituent weeks, days and hours.

So how did the first month of my first full year of proper retirement go?   


I did well on the health front, according to Fitbit my resting heart rate is down three beats a minute and I’ve managed to lose 4lbs in weight.  I’ve averaged over 100,000 steps a week and am just about on target to do 1,000 kms of running a year.  Have been rubbish with other sorts of exercise though, yoga was a bit of a fail and I’ve hardly done any weights work, there’s no sign of my six pack for 60 getting any closer.

I failed in my bid to do Dry January, I gave up giving up on the 17th.  The plan is I’ll have two dry weeks later in the year to make up for it, we’ll see!


My savings have taken a bit of a plunge, what with helping the kids out plus there was my work’s personal tax bill to pay yesterday.  On the upside I’ve done some painstakingly persistent work on to sort out my pensions.

What of the softer stuff, the things that you can’t give a number too.  I’ve managed to see a fair bit of the kids virtually and relations with Mrs Jones have been generally good.   Socially I’ve been a bit rubbish, apart from the morning chats with the gym guys I’ve seen nothing of my friends, partly a side effect of Dry January, partly to do with wanting to hibernate at this time of year.  Read a couple of books and done loads in the garden which feels good for the soul. 


What of memories made, things ticked off the bucket list. Isn’t that’s what life at my age is supposed to be about? Not a lot to report really, not even got round to drawing up that bucket list, must try harder. Or maybe not, I’ve been spending time putting together a set of lifetime Key Performance Indicators, it seems like I’m running my retirement like it’s a business.

Perhaps I need to relax a bit more.  At times I’ve felt a little bit manic chasing all these KPIs and with so much whirring around my head I’m getting much less sleep than I should be.   Perhaps this is what the first stage of the big transition to retirement feels like for a lot of people.  Got lots to learn, roll on February but not too fast.

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