February, my favourite month, time to party

February is the kindest month … those words have potential, might make a good start to a poem! 

I like February, in many ways I think it’s the best month, full of hope and mercifully short.  Without doubt, January is the worst, dry and blue and wet and cold. 

February, by contrast, feels like the real start of the year. I like it because you’re already through the worst of the winter and Spring is just a few weeks away.  It’s getting noticeably lighter and in this climate change UK the weather isn’t half as bad as it used to be.

In my garden the daffodil shoots are already poking their way through the soil which makes my heart glad.  Also right in the middle is Valentine’s Day which is kind of nice.

Its shortness is just what you want at this time of year.  I recall from my working days, that missing day or three used to catch people out every year, deadlines, monthly reviews and reports were often so nearly missed.

After the missed opportunities of January, I’m keen to make the most of February, 2020.  We have a holiday to Marrakesh booked towards the end of the month which I’m looking forward to.  There are also other holidays to sort and a big project on the horizon.


Now’s the time I’ve really got to get some of the basics sorted for my 60th birthday party in the summer.  I don’t have parties very often – once a decade really! – the last bigg-ish one was for my 50th

I think February really ought to be the month I get the invites out and sort some of the basics of the party such as the when – June 27th – and where, probably at home in the garden.

Then there’s the what.  Here I’m less sure, at the very least their needs to be entertainment, food and maybe a mini-marquee just in case the weather proves as unpredictable as one should predictably expect for Britain.

Should there be a theme?  Wimbledon will be happening and there’ll be lots of strawberries growing in the garden.  Staying with sport, the Olympics won’t be far way, maybe something to do with that.  I don’t know, maybe keep it simple, don’t want to put people off.  The most important thing, after all, is that plenty of people come and have a good time. 

Whatever I decide, now’s the time I need to get going and make this big milestone birthday a day to remember.

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