Six-pack at 60 in 60 days

This morning I’ve woken up with a dull ache in my stomach and I’m pleased.  Yesterday I forced myself to go to the muscle part of the gym and my abs are aching just where I want them to. 

My weight is now under control and I don’t want to overdo the running so at least a couple of times a week I’m going to be working on my strength and flexibility.

Yesterday I revisited a programme a fitness instructor gave me years ago, it’s amazing how easily I recalled it.  It’s a mix of free weights to build up my arms and chest, abs work on a pilates ball and floor-mat, some work on gym machines including a chest press and fly and a bit of swinging around of a kettle bell. 

It’s hard work – why do they make everything so heavy! – and to be honest pretty boring.  The programme takes around 40 minutes but I’ve more than had enough after about 20.   Even the music I’m playing through my new airpods doesn’t make it go any quicker.

In fairness there’s good variety in the programme so I can’t complain about that. I think the issue is that I don’t feel it’s doing me any good. 

From past experience, unlike running where you can up your speed and distances pretty quickly, it takes a very long time before you see any improvement in your strength.  Even longer, judging by some of the older people who use this part of the gym, before you see any change in muscle mass.

I’m going to persist though, after all there’s a six pack in there somewhere, and it’s possible, so I read, to get a six pack at 60 in 60 days.  Yeah right!

10 tips for less boring workouts

Here are the best 10 tips I’ve researched to make workouts more interesting:

  1. Workout at different times of the day
  2. Use apps to turn workouts into a competition
  3. Got to a fitness class
  4. Track and beat personal records
  5. Use YouTube for at home workouts
  6. Take a friend with you
  7. Try challenging yourself with High Impact Intensity Training
  8. Hire a personal trainer
  9. Workout for less time but more often
  10. Change the scenery

I’m more a tech man than a people person so the apps and YouTube appeal but classes, buddies and trainers are not for me.  The variety sounds good too – different times, frequencies and places might be an idea. 

This time I’m determined to keep it up and get that six-pack may be not by the time I’m sixty but in my sixties which gives me another 10 years!

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