60th birthday party planning gathers pace

The first of my 60th birthday invites are out.  I handed a few out at Saturday’s surprise party and Mrs Jones is taking some with her to work today.  The rest will go out later largely electronically via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, text message and email, might even post one or two.

The invite features pictures of me through the ages as a child wearing some quite cool sunglasses, playing table football at university with longish curly hair and a couple from a few years back of me drinking beer and wine and then there’s a very recent one of us dressed up at a smart do.

Although the first invites were received enthusiastically, I’m now feeling vaguely anxious about this whole party thing.  I’m kind of putting myself out there a bit which is not me really and then I’m relying on a positive response, a ‘yes’ to the RSVP.  

I know a few family members are unlikely to be able to attend because of another big birthday at about the same time which is a shame.   I’m hopeful though of a good turnout, attendees equivalent in number to my age would be ideal.

I’ve decided to have the party in our garden which will give me the incentive to work on it even more over the next few months, something I’ve been devoting an hour or so to each day weather permitting.

London birthday weekend

Other than that I’ve yet to decide anything else.  I’ve scaled back my thoughts on the entertainment from a band which may be a bit loud in a suburban garden to just maybe a singer or DJ. 

I’m going to get an outside caterer in for the food to save us the hassle of doing it ourselves but need to decide the type of food, Mrs Jones thinks a hog roast might be an idea.

Even though it’s mid-summer I’m going to need some sort of mini-marquee just in case it rains.  I put one up myself for a smaller event we had in the summer a couple of years ago but it was so flimsy it nearly blew away at the slightest gust of wind.  

All in all not a lot to organise I suppose but I need to get cracking, will do a bit more on it this week as we’re away on holiday next week. 

Mrs Jones is also organising a weekend in London for my birthday in mid-June which she was planning over the weekend.  Looks like she’s going to be keeping some of the details secret which will be fun.

After a relatively quiet start to the year, it’s feeling like the year is really getting underway with a party to organise and holidays coming up thick and fast.  Lots to look forward to and lots to plan.

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