World’s greatest restaurant stumbled upon after day in the desert

Went to what is indisputably the world’s greatest restaurant last night – La Trattoria in Marrakesh. We discovered it by chance a few years ago after a very long trip to Ouarzazate, the so-called gateway to the desert.  

We’d been out for most of the day and were both very tired and wanted somewhere to eat that was quick, easy and near to the apartment.  After a short stroll in what was a far from promising back street, there it was La Trattoria, opposite the neon sign of a down-market looking local cafe next to some fairly average looking residential apartments.

How we stumbled across it ourselves – no checking on TripAdvisor, following no one’s recommendation –through casual exploring and taking a bit of a risk is part of our ongoing joy at the discovery.

From the outside there is nothing to suggest what is within so we just quickly scanned the fairly standard looking Italian menu and decided to give it a go.

Its unprepossessing entrance leads you straight into a garden lounge terrace which at night with its sofas and sophisticated, subtle lighting is quite stunning.  Marrakesh gets ambience in a way that nowhere else I’ve been quite manages and La Trattoria is one of many fine examples. 

After an aperitif we were led quickly through the beautifully decorated lounge of what is one of Marrakesh’s oldest art deco villas with renaissance-style paintings on every wall.


Arriving in the main restaurant is the real wow moment with its a cavernous indoor courtyard area surrounding a pool which reflects the candles that flicker amongst the flora. It is just an unbeatable setting for a romantic meal.

All this before we’ve even eaten.  I went for a delighfully light and tasy pasta starter and Mrs Jones had an Italian salad.   For the main we both had the fillet mignon which was quite simply the best melt-in-your-mouth steak I’ve had – since the last time I was here.  All was washed down with a light, crisp, dry Italian chardonnay.

I finished with their signature Tiramisu – surely the best of all desserts – this one has oodles of creamy marscapone, a subtle hint of coffee and a beautifully light, tasty sponge.  Another world best!

It’s clear we’re not the only ones to know about La Trattoria, it’s always popular with a mix of new visitors taking selfies and drinking in the ambience and what seems like French couples and families who have been coming here since it opened in the mid-seventies.

What a place for a world’s best and all the better for being somewhere you’d least expect to find it.

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