“If it’s a good morning, which I doubt”

That’s a quote from Eeyore and I know how he feels.  Had another dreadful night’s sleep, went downstairs for a while and then when I finally did drop off woke up way too early at about 4am.

I just watched the clock and listened to another night of British wind and rain lash against the window pane. 

I imagine I’ll feel awful later – though often I don’t – but I really ought to do something about my lack of sleep, not sure what though as I don’t want to be on tablets.  I fear I might have to just get used to insomnia as I get older.

Am still feeling a little stiff after Sunday’s 10k run plus I’ve now got a spot on my face and what feels like a cold sore coming and is that a bit of a headache I’m feeling.  I reckon that run has taken too much out of me or maybe it’s the start of the dreaded coronavirus or perhaps I’m just being paranoid.

This whole pandemic business is getting me down too, eight of the top 10 news items on the BBC are about the virus.  It feels like there’s nothing else going on

Stock market crash

I’d normally get out and about to lift my mood, take a day-trip, go to the cinema, book a holiday but suspect I shouldn’t be doing any of that right now.   Not even sure whether I can be bothered to trudge through the grim weather to get to the gym this morning.  

That’s the trouble with March in climate change Britain.  The month offers all the promise of Spring only to dash it with days of rain making it worse than January.  I haven’t been out in the garden for days and tennis was cancelled again last night. That’s why I prefer February, there’s the promise of better weather to come but none of the expectation. 

And now there’s the very considerable knock-on effect of the virus on the economy which has seen a 20% fall in the small holding of shares that I dabble with plus my pension has taken a hit too.   I know it’ll be temporary but sometimes it can take years for the economy to recover from these downturns.

After my perfect-ish day of a few weeks ago things feel decidedly imperfect today.  I’ve got a few things to cheer me up not least lunch with my oldest daughter’s who’s birthday it is today.   Going out for a couple of beers this evening with an old mate plus my team Coventry City sit proudly seven points clear at the top of League One and that doesn’t happen very often.

Musn’t grumble as we Brits say!

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