UK lockdown – so many questions, so many emotions

Truly unbelievable, we’re in a police-enforced lockdown and only allowed to leave the house for these reasons:

  • To go to work (if you’re a key worker)
  • To shop for groceries, medicine and other essentials, infrequently
  • To exercise outside (once a day)
  • To provide care or help a vulnerable person
  • For any medical need

So many thoughts, so many questions, so many feelings.

Looks like Mrs Jones will be sent home today so the two of us will be together 24/7.  We’re so blessed to have a home big enough us to accommodate this.   I’ll start sorting out a spare bedroom later today for her laptop and work files.  How will we cope with each other? 

A real trial run for when we’re both retired and living together full-time.  I’m so glad we have a garden and a shed.   Yes, a shed with a kettle in it, internet access and a dart board, a bit of space to myself!

At least it looks like the core elements of the coronavirus retirement routine I put in place yesterday have survived.  I can go out for exercise.  Yesterday I did a 7k run, today I am planning a 20k bike ride which I think should be allowed.  

I spent part of yesterday afternoon at a garden centre – half wondering if it would be closed – buying a few plants and some wood stain for the fences and shed.  That will keep me busy for a few days at least.  Never made it to the D-I-Y shop, wonder if I can get the paint for the bedroom wall from Amazon.

I can work too, I already work from home and many of my public sector and SME clients provide either essential services or can operate online.   Will I get paid though, how will they keep the finance teams going if most of us are to work from home?

Who will be working?   Will construction continue and build my daughter’s home, will take-aways still operate – McDonalds has already closed – will they still produce my beloved Daily Telegraph?  When will I get a haircut, I’m glad I bought that new body hair-shaver, maybe it’s time for a crew cut!  

Have I got enough wine to see me through – musn’t panic buy!  Will the bins I put out last night be emptied today.  Is the tip going to stay open?

I do, by the way, know these are truly such trivial concerns. I’m fit, healthy, have no real financial worries though hasn’t my pension plummeted in the last few weeks, am so glad it’s not due to start until I’m 65. 

I think about our Prime Minister – this positive, good time sort of man – who’s having to lead the country through this. How ironic.  At least his usually sunny disposition means you believe him when he tells you this is serious.

I also think about the hundreds of thousands of people both in the UK and across the world who will die or suffer terrible ill-health as a result of this awful virus.

Then there’s all those who will be kept apart from the people they love as they isolate or stay at home.  And there’s those who will be so worried about their livelihoods.  I think in particular of the hard-working self-employed who no longer have a business and the income that goes with it.

I also think about all those providing the essential services that keep the country going.  It brought a lump to my throat when I saw just now that 7,563 retired clinicians have responded to the call to return to work.  What heroes they are putting their own health at risk – some no doubt will be in their 70s or have underlying health conditions – to help others.

We’re told these rules will be in place for three weeks but we all know it will be longer, probably a lot longer.

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