UK lockdown week one, how did I fare?

It’s only day five of the full lockdown, but the partial lockdown – shutting down of pubs and restaurants – started this time last week.  In truth I guess it’s gone better than I hoped which in no small part has been down to the sunny weather.

I’ve managed to replace my early morning gym sessions with a run outside which I’ve really enjoyed.  Altogether I’ve actually done more kms – 21 in total –  than I usually manage in the gym.  Only trouble is I’ve managed to hurt my right hip.  It came on a bit on Wednesday and then felt a lot worse yesterday.

It hurts more when I’m running up hill so I think it’s a bit of tendinitis brought on by my body getting used to the greater impact of outdoor running.  This feels like a real blow as it was important part of my day and was helping to keep me sane. 

Now, I’ll have to give it some rest and that’s the activity that keeps the weight off. Last thing I want is to start piling on the pounds.  Instead I’ll give cycling a go – so have brushed off my bike – and will force myself to use those weights I’ve been ignoring in the garage for the last 12 months.

The sunshine has also got me out pretty much every day for hours on end in the garden which is looking the best it’s ever looked and has certainly given me a focus.  Still plenty more to do out there I’m pleased to say.

I’ve missed seeing the kids but spoke to them a few times on the phone plus have been in regular contact with my Dad in what has been a traumatic week for him.   This has gone some way to relieving the social isolation I’m starting to feel.

I’ve been listening to more music – both in the garden and when I’m running – and have rediscovered the joy of getting to know an album, listening to all the songs rather than just a couple for my playlist.

Sky TV subscription reduction

I’ve also finally got round to negotiating a reduction in our Sky TV subscription which was spectacularly successful phone call.  It had ballooned up to £73 a month and occasionally more when we paid to watch a new film. 

I eventually found the hidden customer service number, gave them a ring only to get the automated message telling me I might have to wait for an hour to get them to answer.  I put it on speakerphoine and prepared or the long haul only them to pick up after just five minutes. A very chat ensued and they agreed to cancel  the sport – an easy decision for me as there is none – with immediate affect.  That saved about half of the fee surely, that’s something they should be doing automatically for everyone.

I then decided I didn’t need Sky Cinema which we rarely watch and have ample access to films through Netflix and Amazon Prime which knocked off another £11 making my new subscription just £25 a month.  Result!

With the weather set to turn cold and grey next week – plus my hip injury keeping me from running – I have to admit I’m not looking forward to the next seven days of incarceration. 

Main thing I suppose is that I still feel fit and well – unlike our Prime Minister, Health Secretary, Chief Medical Officer and heir to the throne!

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