Lockdown light at the end of the tunnel?

I’d wager we’re about half-way through our UK coronavirus lockdown.  The full restrictions started on March 23rd and pubs and restaurants were closed a few days before that.  Some European countries including Austria, Denmark and even Spain have relaxed their confinement rules.

Here, some of the key coronavirus numbers seem to have stabilised and the news of our Prime Minister’s Boris Johnson’s recovery has given the nation a much-needed lift.

I’d lay money that some of the more onerous restrictions will be lifted in the UK on Monday May 11th. This follows the VE Day bank holiday weekend and it would seem fitting that 75 years after the end of the Second World War where we fought for freedom in Europe we are again freed to live something close to our normal lives.

Rather than fearing more weeks indoors, I’m now thinking of how I’m going to make the most of the days ahead and how I can best prepare for the gradual resumption of normal life.

That leaves another four weeks to make the best use of and so much to do including such joyful activities as painting a couple of bedrooms, creosoting the garden fence, tidying the loft, more garden digging, weeding and jet-washing.  Part of me feels that if I don’t do these jobs now I never will and bizarrely rather than relaxing into the restrictions I’m giving myself more pressure to get everything done.

As time has gone on and I’ve got more used to the lockdown I’m also beginning to see some upsides.  Me and Mrs Jones had four days cooped up in the house together over Easter.  In our six years of marriage that is a first. Normally we’d either be working, be away on holiday or out and about seeing people.  The days together went well which gives me some hope that when full retirement begins for both of us we can make it work.

I’ve managed to stay fit and keep the weight off despite eating and drinking more.  I’m still managing to run a few times a week either outside – my sore hip allowing – or on the home treadmill.   I’m also cycling a few days a week, doing my April ab workout challenge every day, being more active in the garden and still managing to walk more 100,000 steps a week.

Although not having seen them for over three weeks I’m also actually feeling a little closer to the rest of my family.   I’ve been in daily contact with my daughters via WhatsApp and speak to them on the phone a few times a week.   Every few days now I’m ringing my Dad up and the conversations have moved from the traditional brief transactional man talk to proper 30 minute chats.

It’s an ill wind as they say but whatever the upsides I hope to never see another pandemic as long as I live.

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