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A couple of weeks ago just after the lockdown began a Facebook friend of mine shared a post that had been liked by thousands of others. 

It argued that the people who really matter in times like this were key workers such as nurses and cleaners not billionaire tech entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos.

I have to say I’ve found Amazon pretty useful lately and heartily wish it had been them rather than some Government logistics body that had been distributing the PPE which rarely seems to be getting to the right people.

I just love Amazon and my online shopping habit is in danger of turning into an addiction now there is so much less going on to keep me amused.

It’s the website’s ease of use, the ability to buy in one swipe, the next day delivery and the easy returns process that’s got me hooked.

I know it’s wrong in this time of only buying essentials but I’m now actively searching for things to buy so I’ll get that dopamine rush the next day when the doorbell rings and the Amazon deliverer waves at me from a socially safe distance.

I also love the fact you can buy things you never thought existed.  In the last few days, just after a particularly extensive jet-wash session, pigeons have been spending parts of the night dumping large amounts of moss and other debris from my guttering onto my newly pristine patio slabs.

Pigeon hooligans

Like most of the world’s problems I thought Amazon might have the answer and, of course, they did.  A couple of days ago I bought it, ‘Defender Bird Spikes’ which arrived yesterday in the familiar smiley arrow box.

Within hours I was up the ladder, installed them as easy as it said on the website and what’s more they worked.  The little blighters must have found some other way to amuse themselves or are doing it to somebody else’s guttering.  

Just to be on the safe-side though I’ve bought another £30 box, due today, to make sure all my guttering is forever safe from the winged hooligans.

I’m just looking now through my past orders to see what other rubbish I’ve bought and was shocked that last year I bought over 100 items. 

In fairness this includes Kindle books, films, some free apps and quite a lot of returns but it’s clearly proof of a habit I need to get a grip off and the lockdown’s not helping!

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