The arthritis aches and pains of ageing

In many ways I feel as fit today as I’ve ever felt.  Yesterday I comfortably ran a 10k, a proper one outside on the streets not on a treadmill.  I did the same on Friday and will run at least 20k this week all being well. 

I feel fine while I’m running and even better when it’s over.   Only problem is I really do feel it the next day and the day after.  I ache all over.

When I walk down the stairs later my knees will be stiff and sore and I can feel a general dull pain in most of my other joints.

It’s not just exercise-related.  My shoulder, particularly the right one, aches most of the time plus its movement isn’t what it was.  I’m worried that I when I get back to tennis I won’t be able to play as well.

Worst of all, when I get up from a chair – or down –  I now make an old person’s signature grunt at the effort. 

At least my hips feel ok now and I know my knees will feel a little better on Wednesday, good enough for me to do another 10k.

Maybe I have a touch of osteoarthritis – some of these aches do come and go –  I must check it out when I feel it’s safe to go to the doctors again.

I’ve been trying to shift this shoulder ache now for months with a series of exercises which have at least led to a bit more movement but the pain is still there.  I’ll persist with that and some more general exercises for strength and flexibility for the rest of the lockdown.

Assuming it is mild arthritis I’ve checked out some of the online ‘treatments’ as I don’t want to be on painkillers or other medication for the rest of my life.

I’m already doing a few of the things they’re recommending such as regular exercise plus I’m no longer overweight.   I’m also getting in our hot tub more often which does seem to help.

Interestingly the aches and pains seem to have got worse since the lockdown stopped me going to the gym.   This used to involve an hour’s walking, half-an-hour on the treadmill plus a gentle swim and sauna.  Maybe the more gentle exercise and the heat of the sauna keep the pains at bay.

They recommend a regular massage which I’d certainly consider – though not like the last one – when this is all over and places are open again. 

I’m also tempted to give turmeric a try though I don’t really like swallowing those big herbals tablets and am wary of trying something that might turn-out to be a waste of money.   My hand is though twitching towards the Amazon app as I write this!   There’s also something called Boswellia, maybe I’ll give that a try.

Maybe though I just need to accept this is just part and parcel of getting old!

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