Can’t wait to queue at B&Q!

Am trying to suppress my excitement this morning  …  a trip to the DIY store B&Q beckons.

When I was a young man starting out in the world of home ownership, I used to hate anything to do with DIY and consequently dreaded going to B&Q.

Even before lockdown a trip to B&Q – which I’ve always thought of as a contender for the Brian Jones award for the high street’s worst customer service – was hardly cause for celebration.

Today, though, I’ll be willing to socially distantly queue for half-an-hour or more just to get my hands on some match-pot paints and a bit of timber.

These purchases will unleash a whole week’s worth of indoor lockdown activity now that the weather look set to turn.

Thank you Richard Black and David Quayle for founding your retail chain back in 1969. Today you are forgiven for all those years of DIY dread and poor customer service!

I now find myself doing an inner ‘yay’ every time I read about somewhere reopening.  Even places I rarely visit such as McDonalds or KFC get a celebratory fist-pump.

There was a whoop for the news that Greggs was considering reopening. An even bigger cheer when I heard WizzAir were restarting flights this week.

I simply dismissed talk of pub gardens opening in the summer because I didn’t want to get overexcited and then disappointed.

I’m waiting on tenterhooks for news of PC World’s reopening so I can check out that new laptop I’ve decided I need.

It makes you realise what an important part retail plays in all of our lives and although I’m a great fan of Amazon sometimes you need to get out and look at what you want to buy.

Of course coronavirus could come back to bite us big time in the next few weeks but today all this optimistic talk of easing the lockdown is making me feel good.

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