Social life on the up during lockdown

Had one of my most social days in a while yesterday and yet hardly left the house.

Apart from the inevitable weekend interaction with Mrs Jones I spoke to three people on the phone and had proper direct engagement with six others through social media. 

This sociability is unusual for me and one of a number of positives I’m noticing about the lockdown now that we are surely in its last few weeks. When it’s all over in years to come I have a feeling that some people – those lucky enough not get ill or lose their livelihoods – will look back on these couple of months with a certain amount of affection.

Over recent weeks my regular telephone calls with my Dad have evolved from perfunctory male banter to quite lengthy conversations covering a range of topics including the inevitable sport and politics but also deeper subjects around relationships, health, even feelings.

After the call I shared a selfie with the kids of my Dad, who I’ve not seen in at least 40 days, who looks to have aged the equivalent in years thanks to his new lockdown beard.   It’s made me seriously think about shaving mine off!  

I then chatted with a gym buddy who I used to talk to most days albeit briefly in the sauna after a workout.  We both agreed that the social interaction at the gym was the thing we most missed about the current situation.

Soon after that call I caught up with my best friend from university days whose mum has recently died at the grand old age of 92.  Although, after a long illness, her death was no surprise he’s understandably struggling to come to terms with the loss.

Then there was a couple of lengthy WhatsApp exchanges with two other mates where rather than just share a joke or video I made a proper attempt to engage.   Finally there was sport and music-related banter through Facebook with two former work colleagues who I’ve not seen in years.

To round it all off there’s the weekly Skype tonight with the elderly in-laws which should be fun!

I’ve hardly ventured out for an entire month but have never felt as socially connected as I do now. I really hope that when the lockdown ends I keep this up because right now, it’s sure helping me feel good in the midst of a very bad time.

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