What do you buy the 60 years-old man with everything?

My 60th birthday is just a month away and I’ve started to get that perennial – tri-annual to be exact – question, what presents do I want?

There’s Father’s Day on June 21st, my birthday a week or so later and, of course, Christmas Day.   I was planning a big celebration party for my 60th birthday but for obvious reasons I’ve postponed it until next year.  Not really sure what to do about my birthday now – just let it pass as if it never happened or, at least, have some little gathering which might just about be allowed by then.

As for presents, what do you buy a 60 years-old man who over his six decades of existence has pretty much managed to acquire all he wants.  

Lift the travel lockdown was my first thought, failing that I would quite like a villa on France’s Mediterranean coast with a 24 metres yacht moored close by! 

I’d also like a new laptop – maybe a Lenovo Yoga – but again that would be too expensive and all the other tech stuff I have such as phones, watches and tablets I’m pretty happy with right now.

The other trouble with tech is that it takes over everything.  I used to be able to ask for books, CDs or even DVDs but all of them are digital on some device or accessed via an already paid for annual subscription.

All the relatively low-cost items that could be reasonably afforded by family and friends I’ve already got usually bought within seconds following a swipe right on Amazon.

I’ve just finished – for now at least – my big decorating projects and am fully tooled up gardening-wise so have no ideas in the DIY department.  Clothes maybe, though that’s pretty much Mrs Jones department.

Was going to suggest one of the mant discounted items for the over-60s such as National Trust membership or an Interrail train discount but I’m going have to order these myself to provide proof of age.

In truth, its experiences I want – weekends away, meals out, trips to the theatre, that sort of thing – all out of the question right now and a bit risky to even book probably for another month or two.

I know, I could do with some new trainers.  They are mega expensive but the Nike ZoomX VaporflyNEXT% – crazy name! – have interested me for a while.  They might enable me to finally catch Mrs Jones when parkrun resumes plus, and more importantly, it might protect my sore knees which seem to getting worse with all the outdoor running I’ve been doing since the gyms closed.

That’s it, I’ll suggest that.  At £270 or thereabouts I know they are very expensive but, hey, it’s a big birthday plus Father’s Day plus the kids could join forces and just give me something towards them.

Just checked, out of stock!  Can’t get them anywhere!

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