Fancying a pigeon, that’s a first

It’s a June the first like no other with all manner of freedoms restored we never dreamt we could lose.

If I had a primary school child in reception, year 1 or year 6  I could send them to school this morning, that’s assuming the unions, teachers and parents are in agreement.  The sound of children walking to school will gladden my heart as it’s one of the reassuring noises of normal life and a relief to many a parent I would think.

That activity safely negotiated I could head over to a car dealership which are also reopening today.  It really is time for me to replace my eight years-old Volvo but with my income diminishing as I approach retirement I’ll put it off another year.  

Splashing out £20,000 or more or entering into some long-term lease arrangement really doesn’t appeal when I’ve also got the LoveBus campervan to use plus I walk most places locally.

People who work in other people’s homes such as cleaners and plumbers can go back to work today and those with underlying health conditions who have been shielding indoors can go out for the first time in nearly three months.  As well as welcoming people into them you can also move home now as efforts are made to get the housing market going again.

Today is also the day when an eclectic mix of socially distant spectator sports can resume. Just up the road from me, Leicester racecourse will play host not to horses but pigeons, Britain’s first spectator sport event since lockdown.

Four thousand of them will take flight at 10am for the 70 mile trip to Barnsley following virtually the same route as the M1.  Usually the start of a race can draw a decent crowd but today just two men will be on hand – the driver of the pigeon wagon and an assistant. 

Enthusiasts who will, of course, be socially distant are expected to gather at various vantage points to watch this unique event.  I’m not a great fan of pigeons, their main contribution to my life is forcing me to clean up their S*** from various parts of the garden which feels like a daily activity.

The racing variety have something more to offer though travelling at about 1,500 yards a minute with today’s race expected to take around an hour and a quarter.  All are expected to arrive at their destination without getting lost which impresses even more.  This event beats horse racing and snooker’s return which resume later today.

For a brief moment I was tempted to take a trip up the M1 later to view the action.  I won’t, of course, but I am glad this and all the other firsts are taking place on this unique first day of June.

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