From Covid gloom to dancing in the street

A combination of a poor night’s sleep and my despondency about the state of our Covid world meant I woke up feeling agitated and thoroughly fed-up.

Not even our Saturday morning lie-in routine seemed able to lift my gloom.  I briefly contemplated going for an unscheduled run to lighten my mood but was still feeling achy from yesterday’s 10k.

From this doom-laden beginning, the day just got better and better.  We forced ourselves out of bed to tackle the big clean of our Love Bus camper van, a job we’d been putting off for months.  It was a slow start with the sand, dust, grime and mess of last year’s holidays still very apparent. 

At first the task seemed overwhelming but gradually as we started to make headway I felt my irritability recede.  Spending time in the van made me realise that soon, surely, we’ be in it, once again enjoying the freedom and discovery of travel.

The various items we store in there all year round – some of which we hardly ever use – were plucked out of the various cupboards assessed, cleaned and stored again in readiness for a quick get-away when the time comes.

Then, just at the point we were getting a little bored, we heard the distant sounds of live music drifting our way.  It was not the first time we’ve heard this during lockdown but this time we decided to investigate.

Just a few dozen houses up our road a local singer with his PA system all set-up had just opened his hour’s set from someone’s front drive.   

We went back home to get our camping chairs and two gin and tonics and joined a growing crowd of neighbours uplifted by live music and happy to be amongst others for the first time in months.

We got up and danced literally in our street – just a little self-consciously in my case – to the final number, one of my favourites Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl.  Lockdown had helped create this day, a day I’ll never forget.

Feeling in good spirits I cooked my speciality meal of halloumi, chorizo and chicken kebabs in a garden mint marinade while listening to the sports news – another sign of normality returning.

An hour long naked soak in the hot tub with Mrs Jones with a rum and coke and all seemed right in my world. 

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