Forget manic Mondays, welcome to my weird Wednesdays

Wednesday is the day I give my achy joints a rest from exercise – no running, no tennis – and my mental health suffers as a result. 

I always feel more agitated which tends to pave the way to the familiar physical symptoms that go with anxiety such as palpitations and sleeplessness. 

It’s troubling really as I haven’t got anything to be stressed about.  What makes things worse is everything in life seems in limbo, on hold or just plain strange.

There’s all this media chatter about things getting back to normal with“air bridges”, “travel corridors” and the opening of pubs and restaurants and yet nothing is confirmed.  Things that are supposed to be back to normal like yesterday’s “non-essential” shopping mission are a pale reflection what they used to be like.

Last night I watched the return of Premier League football, something I’d been looking forward to for a while.  It filled a few hours but with no crowd noise, no goal celebrations and the sense that football – sport in general really – was not that important meant it wasn’t long before my phone apps distracted me. 

My attempts to find meaning in my life have, so far, been thwarted – the meeting to discuss my interest in standing as a councillor was postponed plus I’ve had no response to my online application to become a volunteer board trustee.

I always expected work to quieten down over the next few years but there’s been virtually nothing coming in since the beginning of May which is making me feel decidedly listless. 

Can’t even get out in the garden what with the torrential rain that’s been falling since the beginning of the week.

Yesterday I got an email from the Camping and Caravanning Club saying that, subject to Government approval, they were partially reopening some of their campsites.

That meant I could actually do something and book a weekend away at one of our favourite sites for July 24th.

It felt like a small step in the right direction, just hope by then we can actually go and that the chatter will be over and more of my normal life will have resumed.

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