The joy of fancying your wife at 60

One of the most joyous things about getting older is that you remain attracted to people of a similar age to you.  As a twenty years-old young man I never imagined it possible to fancy a woman of 60 but when you’re 60 yourself it’s not a problem!

It is either something borne out of a “needs must when the devil drives” attitude, a recognition that looking good at 60 is a greater achievement than when you’re 20 or it’s a downright miracle!

Yesterday we took a trip out to Leamington Spa, the last place we went before the lockdown started, and smartened ourselves up for the first time in a while.

Mrs Jones reprised her biker chick look and squeezed her slim but curvaceous figure into a fitted white top with a leather-style bomber jacket, skinny blue jeans and brown ankle boots with a block heel. 

With her blonde hair cascading beautifully over the black jacket she looked stunning and what an achievement at the age of 57!

I smartened myself up too and was happy to put on all the top clobber she’s bought me that I know she likes.  She said I looked “hot” which, of course, I immediately dismissed as one of the more bizarre symptoms of love but I appreciated the compliment nonetheless.

Compliments are as far as the mutual appreciation goes, we’re well past ripping each other’s clothes off but sometimes the thought does occur to me!

Last time we were in Leamington, before all this madness kicked off, we had a wonderful day which involved a great meal out, me drinking too much to drive and an impromptu overnight stop at a surreal Travelodge (pictured) right in the heart of the town’s Georgian centre.

This time just smartening ourselves up and getting out was enough to put a spring in our step.  Most of the shops were open and there was a bit of a buzz about the place.  All the talk is that pubs and restaurants will be allowed to reopen on July 4th, that’s just two weeks’ time.

More opportunities to get out and about, dress up and enjoy being out with my hot wife.

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