A cheeky Nando’s instead of big Birthday Bash

I’d earmarked yesterday for my big 60th Birthday Bash. For obvious reasons I cancelled it months ago to be replaced by a much smaller gathering of family and close friends.I have to say following yesterday’s weather I’m so glad I did.  Thank you Coronavirus!

I’d planned a garden party with some entertainment – a singer and/or disco and some sort of served buffet – with around one guest for every year of my life.

Having experienced sixty June 27ths in my life I was aware that you just can’t rely on the British weather even in the height of the summer so I’d have put up a gazebo.  The weather was so bad yesterday that even that wouldn’t have saved the day.

We woke up to dark grey clouds, torrential rain and high winds.  The weather was so bad we even postponed our little gathering to today.  This followed days of balmy weather with Britain hotter than Spain. 

The weather teased us with the occasional burst of hot sun but the wind and rain returned.  If I’d have had my big do, the garden would have been a no-go zone and it just wouldn’t have been the same with everyone confined to different rooms of the house.

That’s the trouble with the UK – one of the many – you can never rely on the weather.  Overall the climate’s not bad – never too hot, never too cold with no real extremes.

It’s why we’re such a fertile, green and pleasant land but a little but more reliability and a longer summer and shorter windows wouldn’t go amiss.

Despite all yesterday was pleasant enough once we’d decided to cancel.  We just lazed around and I had a couple of surprise visitors bearing birthday gifts – both different types of posh gin.

We collected a Nando’s takeaway for our evening meal.  That involved a trip to an out-of-town leisure park with a gym, bowling alley, cinema and the usual range of chain eateries that surround these places.   It was sad to see it virtually empty but I guess that will start to change from next week – July 4th our independence day

Today the forecast looks better so we’ll go ahead with our smaller gathering but the weather still looks decidedly threatening.  Fingers’ crossed it stays fine. 

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