Time for some manana?

After feeling invigorated on my return from holiday am not sure what to do with myself for these next few weeks.

I’ve got a few day-to-day things planned – running, tennis, seeing family, gardening plus there’s some work to do but not a lot.

Some of the big projects I set myself earlier in the year are complete – I’ve not got a lot to sell on eBay, the garden is under control, bedrooms redecorated, pensions and finances are kind of organised.

Part of me feels there are opportunities out there I should be pursuing.  The new world post-Covid will create lots of new jobs and maybe I should be out there looking for something flexible and part-time.

Not really sure where to look though and how to position myself right now plus it will be a while before the jobs market properly returns.

I’ve volunteered for a couple of things but not heard back with either which makes me think that the charity sector is catching up too.  I could start a course in September but again I bet the choices are limited right now as academia slowly returns to normal.

There’s a couple of things I could do with buying. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been thinking it’s time to get a new car.   There are various faults with my eight years-old Volvo but truth it runs well enough.

I need a new laptop, the one I’m using right now overheats very easily.   Choosing what to buy seems so complicated though. Something lightweight with a good display I can use outdoors would be good.  

Not sure how much computing power I actually need these days what with work in decline and everything accessible via various external/cloud-based platforms.  I will get a laptop but probably not a new car. 

It’s interesting how my attitude to spending has changed since my income has reduced.  No longer do I want to buy anything I don’t really, really need nor do I want to get into any kind of subscription as I don’t want to eat into my savings.

Between now and the end of the year we’ve got holidays booked for six weeks so there’s plenty of travel coming up but possibly some room for a bit more.  I’ll have a think.  Might even dust off the largely unused 2020 planner or perhaps buy one for 2021.

Good news is that my feelings of anxiety and agitation have subsided.  I slept better than I have for a long time while we were away and I generally feel more relaxed.

Maybe, as I’ve started to feel less intense, now’s the time to use this listless limbo for a bit of Spanish manana, just doing nothing for a while, going with the flow, not making to-do lists, smelling the roses.

I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how I feel.

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