Am eating out to help out

A somewhat mysterious email hit my inbox at 6.07 this morning:

Morning All,  Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control the gym will not be open today. We anticipate reopening tomorrow morning and will be in touch further if that is not the case. Please help us by letting other members know if you speak with them. We don’t want people having a wasted journey.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

That was it, no further explanation and just 23 minutes before the place was due to open. 

What could it be?  Has a member reported that they’re not feeling well? Am I about to get a call from NHS Test and Trace or could it be something more prosaic such as a powercut.  It would need to be something fairly major to shutdown the whole of the gym including the pool.

You’d think they’d tell us if there was a Covid-scare but maybe they don’t in these circumstances not wishing to spread rumours and create panic.

So what to do instead.  Don’t really feel like an outdoor run, would be just too much for my 60 year-old joints after two consecutive days of treadmill running.

How about doing something completely different?  Just had a quick look at my National Trust app but as usual everywhere is either fully booked or closed. Am getting quite frustrated about that.

It’s Wednesday.  I know what to do, why not make the most of Rishi Sunak’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ initiative.

A few weeks ago the Chancellor announced that from Monday to Wednesday throughout August diners would be able to get 50% off their food in participating restaurants.  It was all part of a bid to get us out and about supporting the beleaguered hospitality sector.

Timing could have been better frankly.  It launched just as the Government is in full panic mode about the apparent uptick in infections and just a few days after announcing the launch of its anti-obesity strategy.

One of the most well-known participating restaurants is Wetherspoons and I read you can get one of their famous Large Breakfasts for just £2.65.

Boasting two sausages, two bacon rashers, two fried eggs, a large mushroom slice, a tomato, three hash browns, baked beans and four half slices of toast, it is a behemoth of a dish that comes in at 16 items.  I can taste it now!

I know it’s quite a shift from a gym workout to a Wetherspoons Large Breakfast but I’m doing this for the Government!

What’s more I might be locked for two weeks so I have to make the most of every moment.

I will, of course, be careful, stay masked up and keep well socially distant just in case anything is amiss though in truth I’m pretty sure I would have been informed.

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