Trip to Wales and a Covid test negative

Conwy Castle

Went to Wales to meet up with an old friend.  On the way up the M6 – which looks as busy as ever – I got the result of my Bupa COVID-19 antibody test.

I tried to view it during the journey’s many traffic jams but failed miserably.   As is the way of the world these days,  there’s a complex process of setting up an account and resetting your password which just didn’t seem to work on my phone. 

Later I was able to access it on my laptop which was much more straightforward.  It was not good news.  I haven’t had coronavirus, here’s what my email had to say:

The result of your antibody test means that Covid-19 antibodies were NOT detected. The test did not show any evidence that you have previously had Covid-19.  This most likely means you have not had Covid-19.  However, some people who have previously been infected may receive a negative result. This is more common in young people, and in those who suffered only mild symptoms. It may be that they have not produced an antibody response, that any response has been short-lived, or that the antibody response is not detectable by the test.

Well life goes on as before and like millions across the world I will continue to live under the curse of the Rona.  My test escapade has relieved me of £65, wasted a few hours in Nottingham and left me with a big bruise on my left arm.

Now I know I’m the same as everyone else I thought it best I make sure I’m fully au fait with the Covid rules in Wales.

Here I don’t have to wear a face mask when I go shopping but I do have to stay two metres apart from others whereas in England it’s one metre where two isn’t possible. I could meet up with another 29 people here in Wales but only five in England. 

The list of dos and don’ts for each of the devolved nations is long and complex. Often there is just a few days’ difference between the opening up of different sectors as the devolved nations assert their independence.

In Wales, for example, I could go to the library on June 1st, whereas in England it was July 4th, Scotland July 14th and Northern Ireland July 16th.  What a farce.

Covid aside it was good to get away and catch up with a friend I’ve not seen since last year. Our trip included a visit to Llandudno which I have vague memories of visiting as a child about 50 years ago.  

Judging by our walk along the front and pier I imagine not a great deal has changed as young families braved the bracing wind and occasional squally showers.  There were just a few crazy people in swimsuits on the small area of sandy beach even though this was peak holiday season when you should be granted at least some sunshine. 

We drove up to the top of the coastal town’s mini mountain Great Orme as thunder and lightning broke out drenching those that had decided to walk to the top.  Welcome to Wales I thought.

Spent the evening in nearby Conwy (pictured above) – a curry followed by a pint outside the Liverpool Arms overlooking the pretty harbour with its imposing 13th century castle.

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