Quarantine Day Two – Prime Bacon

Day two of quarantine and the 14 days is already feeling like it might be a long haul.

I’m trying to tell myself to enjoy it, not make lists, take my time, relax and enjoy the undoubted luxury of being at home with little to do.

I’ve decided to fully immerse myself in the Amazon Prime coverage of the US Open Tennis. 

I used to try to do the same during Wimbledon fortnights but often work got in the way so now’s my chance.

Prime enables you to watch what feels like virtually every match from start to finish and the commentators and analysis is top-notch.

It is so much better than the BBC where  you could never record the ‘red button’ coverage of the outside courts and they constantly swapped channels at often the most inopportune times.

As I’d have paid for Prime anyway because of its free deliveries it really does provide an extraordinary value, including other sport, films, documentaries and TV at half the price of the BBC licence fee.

So far I’ve seen three British comebacks – Cameron Norrie, Kyle Edmund and, last night, Andy Murray.

Once you get used to it tennis is a sport that works surprisingly well without crowd noise and when Murray is playing it’s even better. 

I could hear at first hand his utter anguish, his constant self-flagellating chunter punctuated by the occasional primal yelp.

He even managed to look miserable when he’d won, masked up and hobbling to and from his post-match interview he looked the total antithesis of the superfit athlete he undoubtedly is. 

It’s difficult to imagine anyone so good at something hating it quite this much.

Tennis apart I had a couple of hours in the garden, have signed myself up for the next WordFeud championship and managed to get a run in on our home treadmill.

As my world diminishes to the confines of my house and garden, my anxiety levels seems to be increasing to a worldwide scale.

I woke up in the night and started wondering if Mrs Jones had remembered to order rolls for our Saturday morning bacon breakfast.

Even though I knew any one of our three kids would buy some for us I started imagining that I’d have to sneak out under cloak of darkness to bring home the bacon baps.

Mid-purchase I’d then be seen by a very law-abiding neighbour who would snitch on me to the authorities resulting in a £1,000 fine and a criminal record. 

I’d fight it though and promote myself on social media as the Bacon Bap One and crowdfund my fine.

Surely the British public would sympathise.  Maybe all would turn out well and I’d become a national hero!

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