Quarantine Day Five – turmoil as morning paper not delivered!

Our first weekend in quarantine and the worst has happened! My copy of the Daily Telegraph has not arrived, trouble at t’newsagent.

After our bacon rolls were consumed, that was to be the main focus of our morning in bed and what with quarantine we can’t go out and buy one. 

It’s the big Saturday paper with numerous sections including sport, travel, money, culture and the quiz we’ve missed these last few weeks while we’ve been away.

Our normal Saturday routine which used to start with parkrun –  surely it has to restart soon – is being slowly dismantled.  Can’t even go for a run outside, the half an hour exercise that was allowed during lockdown is banned under quarantine.  I can’t even walk the dog I haven’t got!

Thankfully one of the kids has stepped into the breach and the newspaper will arrive at some point.

I know this is a minor issue but the ongoing affects of Covid seem never-ending. My Dad who is in his mid-eighties and had shielded for months is still finding it difficult to drive and has felt anxious about going into busy town centre cafes.  Mind you he still seems able to make it down to the pub!

He believes that being the age he is he will never see life return to normal.  I hope he’s wrong and lives a very long time but this is certainly true of many older people who’s last few years of life will be blighted by Covid even though they never caught it.

A contact in Morocco told me yesterday that Marrakesh – which we visited earlier in on in the year – is in lockdown with people not allowed to come or go.

Some businesses have closed, others are at reduced opening hours and inevitably the economy is really suffering and yet the virus is well under control, he told me.

It made me feel so sad to hear that, this stunning, vibrant city full of amazing hotels, restaurants and bars that provide much-needed work for 10,000s of locals is on its knees.

When will it all end, I ask myself, and will this lockdown cure administered by Governments all across the world have been worth it.

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