Freedom Day

Yesterday was our 14th and final day of quarantine, so today is freedom day, hooray!

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for two weeks.  Now it’s here I’m not so bothered and feel in no rush to get out.

Maybe I’ve relaxed too much, maybe I’ve got used to staying at home or maybe it’s just a normal part of the human condition, when you get what you want you don’t want it so much.

Predictably, and somewhat frustratingly, no one from the authorities has been in touch to check whether we’re actually following the rules.

One reason for my lack of enthusiasm for this day of liberty is that the first thing I’d planned to do was go for a long run. 

I’d envisaged the freedom of running, fresh air in my lungs, the morning sunshine on my face and the wind in what’s left of my hair – might even do a 10k I was thinking.  Now, as I lie here in  bed, the reality has hit me – I’ll hate it as I always do until it’s over! 

After my morning run as much to enjoy the freedom of driving I’ve, at last, managed to get a ticket to visit a National Trust property  – Packwood House in Warwickshire.

This evening there’ll be the real highlight of our new-found freedom – a trip to our local hostelry.  Some good pub grub washed down with a pint or two of warm British beer. 

Today the sun is shining and the forecast is good, this could be the last chance for us to dine al fresco in Britain until the Spring of 2021.

Today also marks the end of a full 30 days with Mrs Jones – with the last 14 of them being only with Mrs Jones – and I’d say our relationship has passed this big test.

It’s been the weirdest month.  At first we had to deal with the stresses of travelling abroad against Government advice.  We were then forced to change our plans and eventually head home early because of the rising tide of infections of France.

Then on our return, quarantine kicked in and it was just Me and Mrs Jones – good name for a song – cooped up together for two whole weeks.

I have to say I was in no rush to see the back of her this morning as she headed off to work and I will miss her today. 

I’d like to think we’ve learnt something from the experience – a bit more tolerance, how to give each other space and above all how to move on from the inevitable petty disagreements that are part and parcel of any relationship. 

It makes me much more positive about how we’re going to make full-time retirement work whenever that day comes.

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