Life is a piece of cake

It was great to have Great British Bake Off back on.  Not sure about Matt Lucas or the political opening to Tuesday evening’s first episode but there’s something about the format that transcends the personalities.

I’m sure I’m going to love my Tuesday and Friday nights all the more – with the nearly as good – An Extra Slice – from now until Christmas.

Following my blog arguing that life’s all about balance, inspired by Bake Off I started to think that creating the perfect life is a bit like baking the perfect cake.

First of all you need to have the right ingredients, I reckon there are just 12.  You need the best of everything, if you get some cheap, low-cal jam for the filling – like a holiday in Margate rather than Mauritius – it just won’t be right. 

Some ingredients are more important than others, the eggs and flour are like the relationships and career of your life whereas, for example, your spiritual life is the metaphorical cherry on top.

Then you need to mix them right – this is the how long you spend on each of your life ingredients.

Getting the temperature right for the bake is about how intense you are about each activity.

Finally there is the art of the decoration – the way you live your life, its quality – putting thought and care into each thing you do – that’s how you get the legendary Paul Hollywood handshake and the Star Life Award.

So what are those all-important 12 ingredients.  I’ve been doing some research and am indebted to the Design Coach for the best list recipe I’ve seen so far.

1. Key Relationship

This is a measure of how happy you are in your current state of relationship – whether you are single and loving it, in a relationship, dating or desiring a relationship.

2. Friendships

This is a measure of how strong a support network you have. Do you have at least five people who you know have your back, and you just love being around?

3. Adventures

How much time do you get to travel, experience the world and do things that open you up to new experiences and excitement?

4. Environment

This is the quality of your home, your car, your office and the general spaces where you spend your time during the day and night (eg: café’s, bars, schools, etc), even when travelling.

5. Health and Fitness

How would you rate your health, given your age and any physical conditions?

6. Intellectual

How much time do you set aside to learn new things, and how fast are you learning? How many books do you read/podcasts do you listen to/tutorials do you watch? Are you seeking to learn from others?

7. Skills

How fast are you improving the skills that make you unique and help you build a successful career, or enjoy a meaningful past time? Are you growing towards mastery or stagnating?

8. Spiritual

How much time do you devote to spiritual, meditative, or contemplative practices that keep you feeling connected, balanced and peaceful?

9. Career

Are you growing, progressing and excelling? Or do you feel stuck in a rut? If you have a business, is it thriving or stagnating?

10. Creative

Do you paint, write, play music, or engage in other activities that channel your creativity? Or are you more of a consumer than a creator?

11. Family

How is your relationship with your partner, parents and siblings? If you don’t have immediate family?

12. Community

Are you giving, contributing and playing a definite role in your community?

I’m going to answer these questions for myself,  examine how I’m faring and what I’m aiming to achieve with each one in forthcoming blogs.

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