Covid shuts my local eaterie

Coronavirus has taken out our local Indian restaurant. We first heard the news on Facebook when this  statement popped up:

Due to a positive case of Covid-19 at the restaurant, we have decided to close the restaurant for at least two weeks.  This is to allow us to deep clean and all our staff to get coronavirus tests.  If you have dined at the restaurant, or come in to collect a takeaway, over the last two weeks and are displaying symptoms – we urge to get a test.  NHS Track & Trace will be in contact with all those who provided details.

We dined there 11 days ago, did fill in a tracker form, I was half expecting a call from NHS Track &Trace yesterday but nothing so far.

Our contact with a masked waiter was only fleeting and we were well away from others as the tables were socially distant so maybe I won’t hear.  

Thankfully, I have no symptoms but will keep well away from others until my 14 days are up on Thursday.

I feel sorry for the restaurant staff and owners who have worked hard to keep going during these difficult times – their take-away service was a godsend in the early weeks of lockdown. 

Now they are going to lose at least two weeks of business and then it may take a while before people return having tried out or other eateries or perhaps lost confidence in them following the outbreak.

While wondering whether I’d get a call I started to think about where I’d been and who I’d been in contact with since I’d dined there.

I was quickly able to tot up three family members as well as Mrs Jones that I’d definitely had more than 15 minutes of close contact with indoors.

There were another four people I’d spent time with as part of helping my daughter move to her new home.

I’d also had my first post-lockdown haircut, been to the gym, chatted to a neighbour, had workmen round fitting new windows, had a tennis coaching session and played doubles with three others.

I’ve spent time in three shops, a pub garden and briefly another restaurant to pick up a take-away.

In just 10 minutes of racking my brain there were potentially dozens of people I’ve had some contact with. 

I guess scenarios like my normal daily life – even though I don’t use public transport or work in an office and try to follow the rules around mask-wearing, sanitising and staying socially distant – are the stuff of nightmares for those trying to  keep us safe.

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