Binmen in line for my first Christmas RAOK

There’s a bloke who lives in my town who performs a Random Act of Kindness every day.

Every now and then someone writes of their delight about his latest RAOK on one of these town pages on Facebook.

It’s a great thing to do and I bet he gets a lot of pleasure from the joy he brings.  If everyone responded in kind and joined his campaign, we’d all live in a better world.

On my morning walk to the gym yesterday I saw our local binmen doing their important work. 

I watched  how one guy lines up the bins, another drags them both to the back of the bin lorry before hooking them on to the hydraulic lift and shaker that empties out the rubbish.  Sometimes they have to press a big button on the side a few times before all the rubbish drops out.

Occasionally the driver when the lorry’s parked near a lot of bins jumps out and helps the other guys with the emptying.  The bins are returned quite tidily from whence they came and then the binmen run to the next house.  You get a real sense of a team working well together.

The whole job is carried out swiftly and efficiently with minimum fuss. They are polite and will wait for you to walk past so as to be socially distant and even have time to nod a greeting sometimes. 

It’s hard, physical work, very smelly particularly in the summer months, and I imagine involves lots of walking but despite the early start – first bins emptied bang on 7am where I live – they often finish their shifts early afternoon.

If my memory serves me correctly they only missed one round during this entire pandemic which I think is pretty impressive.

I resolved then that at Christmas-time I would leave a gift for them all by way of thanks.  My first bit of not so random kindness.  What would I leave I thought – wine, beer, money – along with a card registering my appreciation.  Thinking about it made me feel good.

There have been other Covid heroes too – the lady who delivers my morning papers, the postman, the staff at my local Co-op and just a few others – all of whom have kept going, done their jobs, been positive and helped us get through this difficult year.

Wouldn’t it be great if these people – who get so little praise or attention – were remembered this Christmas by all of us who rely on them.

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