So many inspiring 60 year-old male role models

I spent the evening watching another sexagenarian last night – Hugh Grant.

He joined my 60 club a few weeks back on September 9th.  His Bridget Jones co-star Colin Firth is already there.

Not far behind is football hero Gary Lineker who turns 60 next month and then next year in May it’s George Clooney’s turn.

I have to say I’m in good company with some men who are regarded as amongst the most eligible despite or maybe because of their age. 

All are physically fit and seem at the peak of their career which is pretty inspiring really.  There are times when I’m happy to be a man.

Last night I was watching the first episode of Sky Atlantic’s The Undoing where Grant plays an Englishman in New York.

In the role he’s an oncologist married to Nicole Kidman.  All in their life seems superficially perfect but I suspect all will unravel in the coming episodes.

While I didn’t particularly enjoy his performance last night, I’ve long been a Hugh Grant fan who seems to be getting a better actor as he ages.

He was brilliant playing politician Jeremy Thorpe in A Very English Scandal.  Also thought he was very good in Paddington 2.

He has this air of someone who will have found success easy to come by but he was on the brink of giving up acting aged 32 until he saw the script for Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Reflecting on reaching the 60 milestone Grant  has described fatherhood as both the ‘worst and best’ time of his life as he discussed ‘trying to be a young father in an old man’s body’.

He has five young children but admitted he finds parenting rough but ‘absolutely worth it’ saying he is very ‘silly’ as a father. He adds though that he is not sure his children enjoy his playful behaviour as they often ‘roll their eyes’ at him.’ 

Hugh said that since becoming a parent himself, he has slowly turned into his own father without even realising it.

He explained: “At some point, you turn into your own father. You don’t realise you’re doing it, but you do. I bark in exactly the same way that he barks at me. I make a ridiculous grimace when I’m doing very easy tasks, just like him.”

So glad I’m not having to bring up young children at my age but so glad also that at 60 I’ve got a few more than a few inspiring male role models.

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