Lockdown 2, my chance to build some muscle!

I’d vowed not to plan anything for this second lockdown, to just let these 28 days of bleak midwinter pass by slowly until life returned to tier 2 normality.

Everyday though I find myself assailed both on and offline with advice on what to do to in these four weeks to keep me focused and motivated and to keep me in rude mental health.

I’d vowed not to count the days but I can’t ignore the fact that this is only day 3 of 28 which is just over 10% of Lockdown 2.

So far there has been a slight uptick in work which has given me a bit of focus, plus I’m getting more active in my role as a political party branch chairman. 

Interestingly there are a couple of very different potential book – one children’s, the other business – marketing projects I might take on. These should keep me off the streets for a week or so at least. 

I’ve vowed to carry on with my running, one of the benefits of Lockdown 1 is that I’m now much more comfortable running outside so I should still be able to stay on course to hit 1,000 kms a year target.

With tennis off for the duration of lockdown I’m looking to vary my exercise programme as I can only do so much running.  I bought myself a copy of Men’s Health magazine with a view to trying to build some upper body muscle and strengthen my core, something I’ve been thinking about on and off for the last 40 years.

The magazine’s front page implores me to ‘Train & Gain’, ‘Get Pre-Covid Fit in Four Weeks’ and the more appealing ‘Get ripped with Ham, Egg & Chips’. 

Just looking at the cover tires me out.  The magazine has sat there staring at me now for three days and I’ve got as far as turning over the corners of three pages which feature exercise plans I could take up.  I’m still yet to enter our home gym and lift a weight.  Maybe Monday.

Mind you it’s better than the idea Mrs Jones had which is that I should use the lockdown to revamp our downstairs toilet which involves painting, retiling and fitting a new toilet and sink.  Will leave that to the professionals!

I’m going to get ahead with Christmas, I’ve decided, and have already ordered a few pressies and passed on a couple of ideas for what I want to family members. 

I’d like to get out in the garden but it’s so damn cold but I still plan to do a bit of digging, tidying and weeding when the sun comes out which might not happen until April.

I’m also planning, though not sure if this is allowed, to visit a few National Trust gardens.   I’m pretty sure non-essential travel is forbidden so why then are they are keeping the gardens open?  That’ll be my excuse anyway!

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