The Show Must Go On in 2021

Am I the only one to find Amazon’s Christmas advert ‘The Show Must Go On’ so very moving?

It tells the inspiring story of a determined young ballerina bringing the community together amidst the challenges of this year set to an arrangement of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’.

The campaign features 17-year-old French ballet dancer, Taïs Vinolo, who much like the character in the ad has continued to train and practice her craft despite the challenges of this year.

We follow her powerful story as her dreams of dancing a lead role are cancelled due to Covid-19. Not letting this hold her back, she continues to practice her routine – dancing wherever and whenever she can.

Inspired by her resolution and resolve, her sister and the community around her pull together to give her a stage and an audience in an emotional finale. 

I will say no more so as not to spoil the plot but suffice to say those Amazon torches are so very powerful!

The song itself has such poignancy, written mainly by former Queen guitarist, Brian May it chronicles Freddie Mercury’s efforts to continue to perform despite approaching the end of his life.  He was so ill when the band recorded the song in 1990 that May had concerns as to whether he was physically capable of singing it.

Recalling Mercury’s performance, May states; “I said, ‘Fred, I don’t know if this is going to be possible to sing.’ And he went, ‘I’ll fucking do it, darling’- vodka down – and went in and killed it, completely lacerated that vocal”.

Add to that how thoughts of Christmas always makes me feel emotional especially so after the year we’ve had.  I’d forgotten Amazon’s 2019 festive campaign but how that brings into sharp relief how we’ll be celebrating this year.

Unlike so many other enterprises – public and private – Amazon have shown that ‘Show Must Go On’ spirit.  How innovative they’ve been in the face of the pandemic, how many much needed jobs have they created – 250,000 worldwide – and how many Christmases will stay on track thanks to their parcels.

As it looks certain there’ll be more lockdown misery next year, isn’t it now time for the world to face adversity with some of that Vinolo, Mercury, Amazon resolve and learn to live with this awful virus and let ‘The Show Go On’.

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