Glad Christmas is just one day!

I wish it could be Christmas everyday, sang Wizzard’s Roy Wood. Was there ever a song title so misguided.   Truth is I’m glad that Christmas comes but once a year. 

After a little more socially distant socialising on Boxing Day, today is all about getting back to normal.  I’ve enjoyed the socialising, presents and overindulgence of this year’s festivities but me and my body are more than happy to get back to routine.

Trouble is there is still pork pie, cheese, meat, dips, desserts and more in the fridge. There are cakes, sweets and biscuits tempting me in virtually every room of the house.

Worst of all there is so much wine and spirits that I’d have enough stock to trade as a trendy tavern for a week or two if it was allowed here in tier 3.

The first and most important part of the normalising process began this morning with a bracing run – all of 7k – in my new trainers and woolly hat.  

The sun was shining and for at least 10 seconds I felt like I was enjoying it, just glad to be alive, still able to run despite the new half-a-stone in weight I’d managed to accumulate in just a few days.

If I can stay disciplined now – resist all the temptation in the house – I should be able to lose most of that extra chub before New Year’s Eve.

At least I’ve managed to skip a meal today – a light scrambled egg meal will do for breakfast and lunch – and we’re planning a salad this evening with some of those fridge left-overs.  Trouble is I’ve just seen a half-empty pack of wine gums and couldn’t resist finishing the box and then we had a small chocolatey treat after breakfast.

With Christmas done and with a quiet few days ahead I’m starting to think about what next.   There’s not a lot in the diary and I’m resigned to a tier 4 lockdown in the coming days.

At least there was some cheering news in this morning’s paper, Brexit has been done.   Whether you’re a leaver or remainer surely it’s good to know that four and half years after the referundum, this turmoil is now at an end.

Being the optimist I used to be, I am also excited about the new journey our country can embark on as a free and independent trading nation.

Even better news is that the roll out of the new Oxford jab could see millions vaccinated in the coming weeks perhaps enabling restrictions to be relaxed as early as February.

My morning run, the return to normal life and some good news at last is making me think that I can start looking forward positively, time to start thinking up a few New Year resolutions.

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