Good riddance January 2021

What a perfect time it was to give up my retirement transition year blogging.  After my daily diary entries of 2020 finished on January 1st nothing much has happened. There would have been so little to write about, good job I’m scaling my blogging to once a month. 

I can’t even motivate myself to get too worked up about the latest set of Covid restrictions that has left us all locked down and locked in.

At the UK’s very impressive rate of vaccinations we should have most of the over 80s jabbed and protected in the next couple of weeks.  Yet no one is talking about how and when we get back to something like normality – all the things that used to bring joy when I started my diary over a year ago seem forever out of reach.

In the early weeks of the year I felt a real sense of gloom about the future but slowly as the worst  January of my life grinds to an end I’m starting to feel a bit better.

February is the real start of Spring in my book, the days get longer, green shoots of recovery appear in the garden, there’s  Valentine’s Day and it’s just four short weeks until March.

My daily life so far this year has been a groundhog day of running, I’ve upped my kilometres target by 20%, followed by a calming hot tub soak, writing chapters for my new book about the future of work post-Covid, an evening walk, cook, eat, TV, repeat.

I keep in touch with my kids through weekly Zoom calls, ring my Dad and ‘speak’ to friends mainly through Whatsapp. 

On more of a weekly basis I’ve watched all the Coventry games on Sky or iFollow, I continue to do a bit of political work, do a couple of online weights classes every week and have a few good books on the go.

Some of my big ToDos of the month have been done – I’ve finally got round to selling my old iMacs, have bought a wonderful new iPhone 11, done a few jobs round the house and am managing to bear down on our energy costs thanks to the new smart meter.

A couple of good things have happened in the world – Brexit got done and that cliff edge we were warned about by remoaners is nowhere in sight.  The relative performance of the UK and EU on vaccine procurement and roll-out makes me optimistic about our independent future. 

I was also glad to see the demise of the Donald, Biden hardly inspires but anyone is an improvement on odious Trump who’s behaviour in his final weeks in office spoke volumes.

I’m even looking forward to some aspects of next month.   At least there’s some sport to follow – the England v India Test Series, Australian Open Tennis and might even watch next Sunday’s Superbowl for the first time in my life.

Biggest excitement is the arrival of a new lawnmower on Tuesday – whch says it all I know! – soon followed by the first mow of 2021, hopefully with a bit of Spring sunshine to lift the spirits.

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