Gardening brings me closer to God!

There are certain things you just can’t help starting to like when you’re older which simply confirms the awful truth that you are, in fact, getting older. I occasionally catch myself scanning mailers from Saga that I willfully ignored when they magically started appearing as soon as I turned 55.  I have also noticed thatContinue reading “Gardening brings me closer to God!”

My guilty day in the garden

Almost felt guilty yesterday.  While it seemed like the rest of the world was going to hell in a handcart – how appallingly apt that phrase is, see below – I was having a lovely day in my garden. I spent most of it in the Spring sunshine planting, weeding, edging and carrying out aContinue reading “My guilty day in the garden”

2020 wasn’t so bad after all!

Putting personal issues – such as health and family – to one side, in many ways I view 2020 has been the worst year of my life.   The impact of Covid and the restrictions that followed have had a significant effect on my well-being leaving me feeling more anxious and suffering from poor sleep,Continue reading “2020 wasn’t so bad after all!”


Having as much fun as possible, developing new interests, learning different things is what I’m aiming to do now that I can – or at least I was before lockdown. So far my leisure life has included watching more sport, going to the theatre, decluttering, gardening and so much more! See blogs below.

Me and my lawn

At what age does a man become obsessed with his lawn? This past year I’ve spent more time thinking about, my lawn then ever before. It occupies about half of my back garden, is about at 40 feet long by 20 feet wide and with the sun shining, all freshly mown and neatly edged it’sContinue reading “Me and my lawn”

Quarantine Day One

Our 336 hours of virtual house arrest began with our 6.33am arrival at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal. Although I’d diligently completed our Passenger Locator Forms I was more anxious than usual as we approached the UK border and predictably not all went smoothly. The pdf attachment of the form on my phone would not open –Continue reading “Quarantine Day One”

Retirement has left me feeling more anxious

Two weeks to Christmas, three weeks to 2021, it’s that time of year when I start to reflect on my year and think about the next one. It’s been a year like no other with Covid scuppering so many of my plans for my 60th year.  In some ways I feel I’ve responded well toContinue reading “Retirement has left me feeling more anxious”

Time for some manana?

After feeling invigorated on my return from holiday am not sure what to do with myself for these next few weeks. I’ve got a few day-to-day things planned – running, tennis, seeing family, gardening plus there’s some work to do but not a lot. Some of the big projects I set myself earlier in theContinue reading “Time for some manana?”

My Lockdown 2 box-set Top 10

With its unseasonably good weather I spent a lot of the last outdoors – running, cycling and gardening. I’ll forever associate a particular corner of the garden with the daily coronavirus press briefings – I used to sit there, airpods on, basking in the last of the late evening sun. This time I won’t beContinue reading “My Lockdown 2 box-set Top 10”

Cheering myself up with Morrissey at 60 at 60.

Amidst all the manic depressive ups and downs of pandemic life music has been one of my biggest highs in recent weeks. I’ve been wiring it straight into my brain through my newly bought airpods during my thrice-weekly runs and sometimes while I’m gardening. A few weeks ago, to add a bit of variation toContinue reading “Cheering myself up with Morrissey at 60 at 60.”

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