“Just a perfect day…

… drink sangria in the park and then later when it gets dark, we go home. Just a perfect day, feed animals in the zoo then later a movie, too, and then home.” Had a great day yesterday, wouldn’t go as far as it being a Lou Reed Perfect Day.  There was no sangria, noContinue reading ““Just a perfect day…”

My bumper strawberry harvest begins

My first strawberry – a perfect little fruity miracle amidst the pandemic doom and gloom – appeared this morning a month ahead of schedule. I usually start harvesting my strawberries just before Wimbledon – which along with all the other fun events of Britain’s notoriously short summer season – is cancelled. Wimbledon was due toContinue reading “My bumper strawberry harvest begins”

Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal and my eight other rest of the world destinations

Here’s the final 10 places in my #whenthisallover take my mind off coronavirus bucket list.   Europe, the Americas and south-east Asia have dominated the list so far – see the last four blog posts – so I’m devoting my final 10 choices to the rest of the world.  Here goes.. Great Barrier Reef, Australia –Continue reading “Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal and my eight other rest of the world destinations”


Time is all we’ve got, and there’s less of it to go when you’re retired. How you choose to organise that time, the structure and routine you impose on yourself is all important. Read more about the choices I’ve made in the blog table below. My vital retirement routine Sunday is still Sunday Work isContinue reading “Time”

February has seen a leap forward in my retirement goals

Last day of February is upon us and with it another third of one percent of my likely lifespan.  Now I’m retired I’m using each month-end to assess how I’m doing on my journey towards the perfect retirement life! Looking back it feels like it’s been a good month and I’ve made a lot ofContinue reading “February has seen a leap forward in my retirement goals”

A 60th Birthday Lockdown Party I’ll never forget

Had a Coronavirus Lockdown 60th birthday party yesterday and bizarrely it was all the better for it. Rather than the big Birthday Bash I was planning I could only invite just a few family and friend households. To give our small gathering a bit more of a party atmosphere, Mrs Jones booked the ‘live onContinue reading “A 60th Birthday Lockdown Party I’ll never forget”


Staying fit and healthy is surely the key consideration in your retirement years. How do you find the motivation to stay fit, how do you keep an eye on all that could go wrong with you? I like running and tennis but hate yoga and weight-training which I know are equally important. I’ve also gotContinue reading “Health”

Exploring the beautiful village of Montsoreau

Our first night in 2020 on our hard, cramped campervan bed in was surprisingly restful apart from my usual ‘where am I’ panic when stirring in the pitch dark at 2am. After that it always takes me a while to calm down as I’m then filled with a vague sense of claustrophobia about being constrainedContinue reading “Exploring the beautiful village of Montsoreau”

Birthday picnic in Coventry’s War Memorial Park

Mrs Jones took me out for a picnic yesterday as a birthday treat. I chose the venue – Coventry’s War Memorial Park – and she packed the cool-bag full of my favourite picnic treats. It was a beautiful sunny day – the hottest day of the year – with temperatures hitting well over 30 degrees.Continue reading “Birthday picnic in Coventry’s War Memorial Park”

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