Time is all we’ve got, and there’s less of it to go when you’re retired. How you choose to organise that time, the structure and routine you impose on yourself is all important. Read more about the choices I’ve made in list of blogs below.

No fireworks this time

I can still sense my sea of emotions as I embarked on my first lockdown voyage on March 23rd.  The blog that day was titled ‘UK lockdown, so many questions, so many emotions’ accompanied by the image above which at the time brought a tear or two to my eyes. I went on to write: Continue reading “No fireworks this time”

Now for the bad times in 2020

Yesterday I had a look back at my year.   It turned out that despite all the gloom of the pandemic there was still lots going on, lots to feel blessed about. The good times came from some expected places such as holidays and days out which we still managed to squeeze in.  They also cameContinue reading “Now for the bad times in 2020”

Our town’s Time to Die?

Our local Cineworld closed down yesterday, maybe to reopen in the Spring, maybe never again. Of all the Covid closures of recent months,  I found this one of the saddest. I’d not long realised that the occasional trip to the cinema was back on the agenda again, they’ve been safely open now since July.  LastContinue reading “Our town’s Time to Die?”

Time for some manana?

After feeling invigorated on my return from holiday am not sure what to do with myself for these next few weeks. I’ve got a few day-to-day things planned – running, tennis, seeing family, gardening plus there’s some work to do but not a lot. Some of the big projects I set myself earlier in theContinue reading “Time for some manana?”

After this long night, I’m up for the second coming

From bad to worse.  Christmas cancelled, the new tier 4 lockdown, a mutant virus and now more than 40 countries banning Brits I’m desperate for something positive.  Thankfully I’ve found it in today in an unlikely place, today is the winter solstice, our shortest day and longest night.  I’ve always liked the fact that theContinue reading “After this long night, I’m up for the second coming”

How we spend our time during lockdown

The UK’s Office for National Statistics published a report a couple of days ago that make fascinating reading.  It’s got the snappy title ‘Coronavirus and how people spent their time under lockdown’‘ and covers the period March 28 to April 26 and makes fascinating reading. As I’ve hit retirement – time – and how IContinue reading “How we spend our time during lockdown”

Oh yes, Autumn is here.

October 1st – whichever way you look at it Autumn is here.  Officially it started on September 22nd but last week’s sunny weather made it still feel like summer. Now, the nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling, the garden furniture has been put away, there’s a cold snap in the air and everythingContinue reading “Oh yes, Autumn is here.”

Time to download the Headspace mindfulness app

Enough is enough!  After another very restless night’s sleep which according to my fitbit comprised of just five hours’ shut-eye – which felt like less – I’ve decided to take the plunge and try meditation. I need to do something because once I wake up in the middle of the night I just cannot clearContinue reading “Time to download the Headspace mindfulness app”

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