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I’m Brian – not Bridget! – Jones and this is my diary. It’s about what really matters in life – staying healthy, keeping your finances on track, setting goals and making the most of time. It’s about seeing the world, engaging with modern society, enjoying leisure and being with family and friends.

Remembering my A-level results in the summer of ‘78

It’s an A-level exam results day with a difference and how sad is that.   Nearly 40 years later I still remember the summer of ’78 anxiously waiting for my results.  I had offers from three universities to study English Literature, a path I’d chosen for no other reason that I didn’t much fancy getting aContinue reading “Remembering my A-level results in the summer of ‘78”

Quarantine looms over our France holiday

Our long-awaited three weeks holiday to France is due to begin on Saturday. We’ve got a ferry to catch from Portsmouth to San Malo, then campsites booked in the Dordogne and the Med Coast.I’d usually be excited, looking forward to reliving some of our favourite experiences.   Where we camp in the Dordogne feels like it’sContinue reading “Quarantine looms over our France holiday”

Is there anyone you can trust with your money?

I spent the early part of this year consolidating my various pensions putting them all in one place.  It was a right hassle with the various pension providers making the change as difficult as possible, even the recipient provider seemed to want to talk me out of it. I’d made the move following a reviewContinue reading “Is there anyone you can trust with your money?”

Over 50s facing pandemic jobs crisis

Quarter of a million over-50s ‘will never work again’ is the stark headline in the Money section of today’s Sunday Telegraph. One in four (2.5million) workers aged 50 and above have been furloughed and, of those, it is predicted  that 377,000 could lose their jobs.  This is based on forecasts by the Office for BudgetContinue reading “Over 50s facing pandemic jobs crisis”

I’m hoping for a Roaring Twenty Twenties

Maybe not a V but certainly not an L – that’s my assessment of how Britain’s post-Covid recovery is going.  Despite an apparent uptick in infections, selective lockdowns and travel quarantines, slowly but surely the country is getting back to work. I know it’s only anecdotal but every conversation I’ve had with employers and employeesContinue reading “I’m hoping for a Roaring Twenty Twenties”

Complaining to HSBC

Thankfully yesterday’s mysterious email from the gym was nothing to do with Covid.  The abrupt closure was due to an electrical fire in the ladies changing room. The good news is it’s open today though predictably it’s the men who will be inconvenienced. We’ve got to come kitted up and shower at home while theContinue reading “Complaining to HSBC”

Is it me?

… or has the world gone crazy. I’m reading a book ‘The Madness of Crowds’ by Douglas Murray. It was sent to me by a friend, also 60, after we’d talked about how I was feeling increasingly alienated by the modern world. Our discussion started with me telling the story of my Zero Tolerance writtenContinue reading “Is it me?”

Some Useful Links

The Centre for Ageing Better – A UK-based Lottery-funded project which works to create change in policy and practice to improve housing, health, employment and communities.

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing – Useful research and an interesting blog

Later Life – A range of courses helping people prepare for retirement

British Heart Foundation – 20 retirement transition tips from Britain’s leading heart charity

Age UK – an interesting article about preparing emotionally for retirement

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