The search for meaning, part 4. What is my passion?

My now four-day quest for meaning is getting more purposeful.  As paid work recedes I am beginning to conclude I need to find myself something structured to do. The article I featured yesterday had a link to one of those personality tests where you answer a series of multiple choice questions that reveal the sortContinue reading “The search for meaning, part 4. What is my passion?”

The search for meaning, Part 3. Pleasure AND purpose

In my ongoing quest for meaning in retirement I found another great online article which really did resonate.  It’s by retirement planning coach Larry Jacobson and describes why fulfilment or meaning is ao important in retirement.  It’s certainly dawning on me that spending the rest of my life simply seeking pleasure will not be enough. Continue reading “The search for meaning, Part 3. Pleasure AND purpose”

The search for meaning, part 2. What nourishes my soul?

My bid to find meaning in retirement gets underway today and I’ve found an interesting article in Psychology Today, here’s an excerpt: “No matter how much you look forward to retirement, you may wake up the morning after your last day at work and feel sadness or anxiety. For decades, your days and weeks were structured. SometimesContinue reading “The search for meaning, part 2. What nourishes my soul?”

It’s time for me to find the meaning of meaning

I’ll be 60 in under a month. Thanks partly to coronavirus that big milestone I was so focused on will pass by with more of a whimper than a bang. No party, no holiday, not even a meal out. Maybe a small family gathering in the garden.  Nothing wrong with that, of course.  I shallContinue reading “It’s time for me to find the meaning of meaning”

May I continue to feel good

Am starting to feel good as May comes to an end.  I’ve got used to the lockdown restrictions just as they are coming to an end.  At the same time I’m looking forward to the resumption of normal life as we head into June. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the last few months I’ve maintainedContinue reading “May I continue to feel good”

Back on the tennis courts but no ball touching allowed!

Tennis made its long awaited return to my life yesterday. After nearly three months off court I decided to book 10 coaching lessons.  I’m hoping the long lay-off  may help me reshape my game under the careful tutelage of the club coach. I had a long list of issues that needed ironing out including myContinue reading “Back on the tennis courts but no ball touching allowed!”

Not Fade Away, thriving in retirement

Am finding more time for reading during the lockdown and have started a book that really resonates with me right now.   It’s by Celia Dodd and called Not Fade Away, How to Thrive in Retirement.  The book’s introduction neatly encapsulates some of the challenges I’m facing as I transition into retirement.  “Retirement is a timeContinue reading “Not Fade Away, thriving in retirement”

Mayday, mayday – I’ve got no plans for this month

It’s Mayday – a day I associate with beardie weirdie types dancing round a maypole on a baking hot Spring day in a quintessentially English village.  I actually organised such an event last year to mark the opening of a rural housing scheme.  As soon as the music started I could hardly stop myself from doing aContinue reading “Mayday, mayday – I’ve got no plans for this month”

All I’ve learned in 20 words

Looked at myself in the mirror last night and saw an old man. I was briefly reminded of the line from the Jack Nicholson film ‘About Schmidt’. He looks at his wife, who is the same age as him, and wonders:  ‘Who is this old woman who lives in my house?’.   I wondered who theContinue reading “All I’ve learned in 20 words”

This virus is killing people …. and joy

In early March when the effects of this virus really took hold I was still convinced we were going to get away at Easter. I knew our holiday to Spain would be cancelled but I thought we’d still be able to sneak off somewhere in our campervan, maybe book an Airbnb, do a bit ofContinue reading “This virus is killing people …. and joy”

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