August already

I used to see the passing of each month as a time for reset and reflection.  At the beginning of 2020 I worked out that each of these four-week blocks represent a third of a percent of my likely lifespan assuming I live the average 24 years of someone aged 60. I neglected to resetContinue reading “August already”

Combating ageism in my new CV.

Do I advertise the fact that I’m 60 in my new CV?  After all it’s pertinent to my job search, it’s the reason why I’m looking for a new purpose. It’s also why I think it’s time to slowly scale down my business and seek out new opportunities. On the one hand, I think it’sContinue reading “Combating ageism in my new CV.”

I’m looking for work

For reasons unknown I’m finding myself thinking about getting a job. Yesterday I visited Compton Verney – pictured above – an Art Gallery and Park in rural Warwickshire not far from Stratford-upon-Avon.  It’s definitely worth a visit. I’ve been there loads of times over the years but never before have I thought how good itContinue reading “I’m looking for work”

201 blogs and counting thanks to you and WordPress

This, on the 201st day of this crazy year, is my 201st blog. When I started writing the first one in the departure lounge at Malta’s Valletta airport I doubted whether I’d have the discipline to keep them going. Well so far I’m well over half way through the year and feel confident that I’llContinue reading “201 blogs and counting thanks to you and WordPress”

My chance to become a branch party chairman

The opportunity to chair the branch of a political party has come my way.  To echo our prime minister the ball has come loose from the back of this very small scrum.  Should I pick it up? I’ve been interested in politics all my life but never had the inclination to join a political party. Continue reading “My chance to become a branch party chairman”

Time for some manana?

After feeling invigorated on my return from holiday am not sure what to do with myself for these next few weeks. I’ve got a few day-to-day things planned – running, tennis, seeing family, gardening plus there’s some work to do but not a lot. Some of the big projects I set myself earlier in theContinue reading “Time for some manana?”

Shriver’s latest book made me think about life.

Finished reading the Lionel Shriver book ‘The Motion of the Body Through Space’. I loved it and it was a story that I really related to – about a retired couple in their early sixties both trying to stave off the inevitable physical decline, both searching for meaning in later life but in very differentContinue reading “Shriver’s latest book made me think about life.”

Today I’m 60 and it feels weird!

It’s happened, I’m 60.  I went to bed aged 59 and I woke up 60. The milestone I’ve been working up to for half a year, or you could say, all of my life is here at last. Of course I feel no different today except a slight sense of relief that I’ve made it.Continue reading “Today I’m 60 and it feels weird!”

Covid prompts BIG LIFE CHANGE introspection

‘Big life changes’ are being planned by more than a quarter of adults after we have recovered from the coronavirus outbreak. Of these 42% want to make a change to their work, 38% are looking to move on from their relationship and over a third are inclined to move home. The latest figures from theContinue reading “Covid prompts BIG LIFE CHANGE introspection”

Was telling the client to f*** off the right thing to do?

Did something for the first time in my 30 years of running my own business yesterday, I formally resigned from a client. I’ve let them fizzle out before and waited for them to do the deed but this was the first time I’ve done it properly. You’re supposed to enjoy these moments, my nearest equivalentContinue reading “Was telling the client to f*** off the right thing to do?”

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