Mental Health in Later Life, part 4

Here’s the final – and my favourite part – of the series of blogs about mental health in later life.  This one is all about enjoying yourself. In life we can become so fixated on doing the right thing, keeping fit, losing weight, working hard, helping others that we forget how to have fun.  ItContinue reading “Mental Health in Later Life, part 4”

My first interview in 30 years, via Zoom

Had an interview last night, the first one in over 30 years and the first one in my life via video conference. In search of a new purpose I decided to put myself to stand as a councillor.  Last night was the selection meeting to pick the candidate for a County Council elections scheduled forContinue reading “My first interview in 30 years, via Zoom”

Lockdown 2, my chance to build some muscle!

I’d vowed not to plan anything for this second lockdown, to just let these 28 days of bleak midwinter pass by slowly until life returned to tier 2 normality. Everyday though I find myself assailed both on and offline with advice on what to do to in these four weeks to keep me focused andContinue reading “Lockdown 2, my chance to build some muscle!”

Perspectives – it’s all about your attitude.

As part of my Perspectives series on how others are facing the 60 milestone, here’s a blog from grief counsellor, writer and speaker Mary Potter Kenyon.  She lost her husband when he was 60 years-old – she was 52 – which adds extra poignancy.  Now, as her own 60th birthday looms closer, she shares why enteringContinue reading “Perspectives – it’s all about your attitude.”

We’re planning 2021, more in hope!

We’re going to start planning 2021 tonight. Amazing really after the fruitless exercise of planning 2020. I’ve hardly looked at the big year planner wall-chart I bought this time last year. It’s not even on the wall anymore, the only things that continued to happen were the annual due dates for insurances, tax that kindContinue reading “We’re planning 2021, more in hope!”

Six tips to make you optimistic

I’ve been consciously trying to stay positive these last few weeks.  News of the resurgence of the virus, depressing talk of more lockdown and the cancellation of our winter break have all put this to the test. I found this article on the increasingly ‘go-to’ website for the over 50s by Elise Christian reallyContinue reading “Six tips to make you optimistic”

Happy First Meeting, Mr Chairman

In my ongoing quest to find purpose in my retirement life I have ended up becoming the chairman of the branch of a political party. To protect the innocent and the guilty I will not say which party or where. My rise to this lofty-ish position came somewhat unexpectedly following the resignation of the previousContinue reading “Happy First Meeting, Mr Chairman”


I’m feeling a little bored.   Woke up this morning and felt like I couldn’t be bothered doing anything.  I’ve got a few things planned – a zoom call with an old work colleague, a tennis coaching lesson which I really need after last night’s abject performance and then this afternoon popping over to my daughterContinue reading “Bored!”

Life is a piece of cake

It was great to have Great British Bake Off back on.  Not sure about Matt Lucas or the political opening to Tuesday evening’s first episode but there’s something about the format that transcends the personalities. I’m sure I’m going to love my Tuesday and Friday nights all the more – with the nearly as goodContinue reading “Life is a piece of cake”

Balancing my retirement year

2020 – my year of retirement transition – was going to be a journey to enlightenment I thought. At some point during the year’s 366 days I hoped I would crack the code of retirement, the meaning of later life. So with just 100 days to go of my Covid retirement year what have IContinue reading “Balancing my retirement year”

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