My 2021 resolutions – health and purpose

This is the penultimate blog in this year in the life of me – a man transitioning into retirement. For the final two blogs I’m looking forward to next year, hopefully a better year, making a few resolutions.  Today I’m thinking about health and purpose. Health At my time of life, perhaps at all timesContinue reading “My 2021 resolutions – health and purpose”

1000k in 2020. I did it!

Today I achieved my goal of running 1,000 kms – that’s 621 miles in old money – in a year.  More than from Land’s End to John O’Groats or indeed the other way which, at least, is downhill!  I completed the last 5k this morning just as the snow began to fall.  Mrs Jones actedContinue reading “1000k in 2020. I did it!”

Covid killing conversation

I went back to the gym today before it closes again for another month or two. I did my usual treadmill session and swim and was looking forward to a chat with like-minded men of my own age. This used to be an important part of my BC – Before Covid – routine enabling meContinue reading “Covid killing conversation”

Glad Christmas is just one day!

I wish it could be Christmas everyday, sang Wizzard’s Roy Wood. Was there ever a song title so misguided.   Truth is I’m glad that Christmas comes but once a year.  After a little more socially distant socialising on Boxing Day, today is all about getting back to normal.  I’ve enjoyed the socialising, presents and overindulgenceContinue reading “Glad Christmas is just one day!”

Retirement has left me feeling more anxious

Two weeks to Christmas, three weeks to 2021, it’s that time of year when I start to reflect on my year and think about the next one. It’s been a year like no other with Covid scuppering so many of my plans for my 60th year.  In some ways I feel I’ve responded well toContinue reading “Retirement has left me feeling more anxious”

How I felt about Hancock’s teary moment

For a fleeting moment I felt my cynical dry eyes moisten yesterday.  The moment came and went when Matt Hancock, live on Good Morning Breakfast, did a very poor impression of crying at the footage of 81-years-old William Shakespeare receiving his Covid jab. NHS PR man’s dream Shakespeare was vaccinated before the cameras and unlikeContinue reading “How I felt about Hancock’s teary moment”

Still on target with my 2020 running challenge

Today I ran my 931st kilometre of 2020.  On January 1st I set myself the challenge of running 1,000k in a year and I’m still on target. That works out at just under 20k a week – usually comprising four 5ks – which feels to me like quite an achievement.  I started the year imaginingContinue reading “Still on target with my 2020 running challenge”

Too weary to be excited about vaccine breakthrough

I just couldn’t get excited about yesterday’s vaccine news.  Government ministers, scientists and the BBC – these people who have misled so many times – were all trying to turn this into a big breakthrough moment. As if like 9/11 or Diana’s death we’d all forever remember what we were doing when the Medicines andContinue reading “Too weary to be excited about vaccine breakthrough”

Mental Health in Later Life, part 4

Here’s the final – and my favourite part – of the series of blogs about mental health in later life.  This one is all about enjoying yourself. In life we can become so fixated on doing the right thing, keeping fit, losing weight, working hard, helping others that we forget how to have fun.  ItContinue reading “Mental Health in Later Life, part 4”

Looking after mental health in later life, part 3

Here’s the third and penultimate part of my blog about how to stay in good shape mentally in retirement.  The loss of work and the sense of routine and purpose that goes with it is a huge challenge for many of us, including myself.  It’s been made all the worse by the Covid restrictions severelyContinue reading “Looking after mental health in later life, part 3”

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