Our divided country – public v private

In one of the bleaker days of our Covid year I heard the news of the Wales lockdown and the impact it will have on the livelihoods of those running small businesses. Some of the stories of livelihoods that will be lost – as a result of the ridiculously named ‘fire-breaker’ – in the retailContinue reading “Our divided country – public v private”

Sending my poo to the NHS

I used to imagine that turning 60 enabled you to access all sorts of discounted stuff on account of your senior citizen status. Apart from free prescriptions, there’s nothing much I’ve been able to save so far.  That’s partly because there isn’t a lot and partly because Covid has closed some of the travel andContinue reading “Sending my poo to the NHS”

I’ve just started taking Vitamin D supplements

I bought them from Amazon, they are gummies that look and taste not unlike my favourite sweets, wine gums.  It’s all I can do to stop eating the whole jar! The good news is these sweet treats are actually good for me and that the Government has just decided to advise us all to startContinue reading “I’ve just started taking Vitamin D supplements”

How to live to a 100

After reading about Japan’s world leading 80,000 centenarians I’ve been keen to learn about the secrets of longevity.  I found this article, originally published in 2013, about Katharine Weber, of Winnipeg, Canada fascinating, then 102 – she lived another for another five years – here she shares her eight secrets to a longer, healthier andContinue reading “How to live to a 100”

How to live to 100, ask the Japanese

Why do men die before women?  Because they want to. That old joke always make me chuckle.  There’s something funny about the idea of men being tired of life and the implication that women are partly responsible for their fatigue. This can only be good, I thought, when I read that Japan’s centenarian population hasContinue reading “How to live to 100, ask the Japanese”

Quarantine Day Four without alcohol

I’ve gone over 48 hours now without touching a drop of alcohol.  That followed three weeks of drinking every day. I really should be experiencing some form of cold turkey. More than two of those weeks, of course, I was on holiday so that’s allowed I guess.  My daily drinking over that three week periodContinue reading “Quarantine Day Four without alcohol”

Have taken a Bupa COVID Antibody test

Went for a COVID-19 antibody test today and experienced the otherworldlininess of a health service you have to pay for. A friend of mine told me that Bupa were offering the tests for £65 and you can get the result in a couple of days. Like a lot of people I wouldn’t be at allContinue reading “Have taken a Bupa COVID Antibody test”

Am eating out to help out

A somewhat mysterious email hit my inbox at 6.07 this morning: Morning All,  Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control the gym will not be open today. We anticipate reopening tomorrow morning and will be in touch further if that is not the case. Please help us by letting other members know if youContinue reading “Am eating out to help out”

SEXagenarian part 4

I’ve found writing about sex difficult.  It’s one of the few subjects where I feel distinctly uncomfortable talking about myself so today, I’m pleased to say, is the last in my five-part series on sex in your sixties. Researching the topic these last few days has also made me realise that at 60 I amContinue reading “SEXagenarian part 4”

SEXagenerian part 3

Here’s the second part of the article from helpguide.org.  I’ve reproduced some the most useful sections below. Focus on intimacy and physical touch A good sex life – at any age – involves a lot more than just sex. It’s also about intimacy and touch, things anyone can benefit from. Even if you have healthContinue reading “SEXagenerian part 3”

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