"Just a perfect day…

… drink sangria in the park and then later when it gets dark, we go home. Just a perfect day, feed animals in the zoo then later a movie, too, and then home.” Had a great day yesterday, wouldn’t go as far as it being a Lou Reed Perfect Day.  There was no sangria, noContinue reading “"Just a perfect day…”

Reconciling our different retirement dates and dreams

My wife dropped the bombshell last night that she was considering putting off her retirement to “somewhere between 60 and 65”. She turns 57 in a couple of weeks’ time and she’d previously talked about 60 as a likely date to, at least, cut back her hours. There’d been nothing hard and fast about that,Continue reading “Reconciling our different retirement dates and dreams”

I am not happy with my Cex-life

A quiet Sunday looms as Storm Dennis wreaks havoc across the UK.  First thing today me and Mrs Jones made the most of a brief respite in the storm conditions to go for a quick 5k run.  We’ve gone and booked ourselves in for a 10k on March 8th and thought we really ought toContinue reading “I am not happy with my Cex-life”

Humiliated again at the dentists

A couple of days ago I went for my now three times a year hygienist appointment at the dentists. Here, more than virtually anywhere else, I expect to be patronised and as I’ve got older I’ve noticed the tone become even more condescending. I care for my teeth as well as anyone, I brush morningContinue reading “Humiliated again at the dentists”

Magnesium might be helping me sleep better

There’s been a last-minute reprieve for magnesium, I’m sure Holland & Barrett will be delighted to know.  Over the years I’ve occasionally dabbled with supplements and have rarely managed to complete the course.   Inspired by a couple of things I read about it, I bought a month’s worth of capsules early in the New Year.Continue reading “Magnesium might be helping me sleep better”

My prostate and me

A couple of weeks ago it was widely reported that prostate cancer had become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK.  Partly driven by campaigns encouraging men to get tested by celebrities Stephen Fry, Rod Stewart and Bill Turnbull it had overtaken breast cancer. Last night I learned at first-hand how it can affectContinue reading “My prostate and me”

I am part of the booziest generation

With Dry January now thankfully in the dim and distant past and my weight, for now, where I want it, I’m feeling free to resume my usual drinking routine. For the most part this consists of four nights – Monday to Thursday – of abstinence and two nights – Friday and Saturday – where I’mContinue reading “I am part of the booziest generation”

Six-pack at 60 in 60 days

This morning I’ve woken up with a dull ache in my stomach and I’m pleased.  Yesterday I forced myself to go to the muscle part of the gym and my abs are aching just where I want them to.  My weight is now under control and I don’t want to overdo the running so atContinue reading “Six-pack at 60 in 60 days”

Serving up longer life through tennis

Played my first game of competitive-ish tennis of the decade last night.  The UK’s windy, wet and icy weather delayed the start of my club’s annual floodlit tennis tournament until the month’s fourth week.  I should be thankful, I guess, that we haven’t got the climate problems in Australia where the season’s first big tennisContinue reading “Serving up longer life through tennis”

Asthma, me and the GP

I went for my annual asthma check yesterday.   It’s something I’d resisted for many years.  Being sceptical about all things health, I assumed it was some unnecessary tick-box ploy simply to boost the funding of the surgery.  When I was child I used to have quite bad asthma and took something called a Spinhaler whereContinue reading “Asthma, me and the GP”

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