Have taken a Bupa COVID Antibody test

Went for a COVID-19 antibody test today and experienced the otherworldlininess of a health service you have to pay for. A friend of mine told me that Bupa were offering the tests for £65 and you can get the result in a couple of days. Like a lot of people I wouldn’t be at allContinue reading “Have taken a Bupa COVID Antibody test”

Am eating out to help out

A somewhat mysterious email hit my inbox at 6.07 this morning: Morning All,  Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control the gym will not be open today. We anticipate reopening tomorrow morning and will be in touch further if that is not the case. Please help us by letting other members know if youContinue reading “Am eating out to help out”

SEXagenarian part 4

I’ve found writing about sex difficult.  It’s one of the few subjects where I feel distinctly uncomfortable talking about myself so today, I’m pleased to say, is the last in my five-part series on sex in your sixties. Researching the topic these last few days has also made me realise that at 60 I amContinue reading “SEXagenarian part 4”

SEXagenerian part 3

Here’s the second part of the article from helpguide.org.  I’ve reproduced some the most useful sections below. Focus on intimacy and physical touch A good sex life – at any age – involves a lot more than just sex. It’s also about intimacy and touch, things anyone can benefit from. Even if you have healthContinue reading “SEXagenerian part 3”

SEXagenarian part 2

After yesterday’s depressing trawl through advice on sex in your sixties I was determined to find something a little more positive. I succeeded! I found a thoughtful, sensitive article on helpguide.org from which I’ve reproduced some of the most useful sections below: Sex can be a powerful emotional experience and a great tool for protectingContinue reading “SEXagenarian part 2”

SEXagenarian part 1

Well my research into the subject of sex in your sixties has not got off to a good start.  This is the first thing – my apologies for the very direct language – I stumbled upon which made me feel just a little depressed! Sexagenarian is bit of a misleading word…this is more apt aContinue reading “SEXagenarian part 1”

Wood morning sexagenarians!

Slowly but surely I’m starting to feel better in myself. Despite all the talk of second waves and the inevitable disruption this will bring I’m feeling less anxious and I’m sleeping better. I put this down mainly to the resumption of parts of my normal life – going to the gym, weekends away, eating out,Continue reading “Wood morning sexagenarians!”

I changed my mind! Am back on the gym treadmill.

Having decided yesterday that I wasn’t going to the gym, today I decided I was and I’m glad I did. I now realise that part of my apprehension was a simple fear of the new unknown. I was partly worried about all the new rules and how they’d affect the experience and partly about beingContinue reading “I changed my mind! Am back on the gym treadmill.”

The new rules are keeping me away from my reopened gym.

Back in 2020 BC – Before Covid – I used to go to the gym virtually every weekday morning.  I clearly remember the last time I was there back in mid-March feeling distinctly uneasy about whether I was doing the right thing being there. Back then my day’s routine would begin with a 25 minuteContinue reading “The new rules are keeping me away from my reopened gym.”

My Zero Tolerance ‘written warning’ from the doctors

Rarely in my life have I felt so powerless and alienated as I do right now. I used to have a little bit of power when I employed people. I know they only did what I asked them to do because I paid them but I could still get some things done.   After yesterday’s noughtContinue reading “My Zero Tolerance ‘written warning’ from the doctors”

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