2021 Resolutions Part 2

Despite the grim news of more lockdowns – my town is now in ‘Stay at Home’ Tier 4 – I’m going to plough on with my new year resolutions assuming that eventually the world returns to normal. Yesterday, I looked at the key areas of health and purpose, today I’m focusing on everything else. SocialContinue reading “2021 Resolutions Part 2”

1000k in 2020. I did it!

Today I achieved my goal of running 1,000 kms – that’s 621 miles in old money – in a year.  More than from Land’s End to John O’Groats or indeed the other way which, at least, is downhill!  I completed the last 5k this morning just as the snow began to fall.  Mrs Jones actedContinue reading “1000k in 2020. I did it!”

Covid killing conversation

I went back to the gym today before it closes again for another month or two. I did my usual treadmill session and swim and was looking forward to a chat with like-minded men of my own age. This used to be an important part of my BC – Before Covid – routine enabling meContinue reading “Covid killing conversation”

Glad Christmas is just one day!

I wish it could be Christmas everyday, sang Wizzard’s Roy Wood. Was there ever a song title so misguided.   Truth is I’m glad that Christmas comes but once a year.  After a little more socially distant socialising on Boxing Day, today is all about getting back to normal.  I’ve enjoyed the socialising, presents and overindulgenceContinue reading “Glad Christmas is just one day!”

Gaming to get me through the mutant strain

What to do in the winter now that the mutant strain is here.  Before kids arrived in my life I spent a couple of months happily gaming – playing Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega Megadrive. For those few weeks in the early nineties I spent what felt like most waking hours coaxing my newContinue reading “Gaming to get me through the mutant strain”

A website for laterlifers

A little tabloid supplement entitled ‘Your Later Life’ appeared in my daily paper a few days ago.  It didn’t appeal to me, at first until I noticed they’d bagged the yourlaterlife.co.uk domain which struck me as being a good one to have.  Later life as a term to describe people who are in well, laterContinue reading “A website for laterlifers”

2020 wasn’t so bad after all!

Putting personal issues – such as health and family – to one side, in many ways I view 2020 has been the worst year of my life.   The impact of Covid and the restrictions that followed have had a significant effect on my well-being leaving me feeling more anxious and suffering from poor sleep,Continue reading “2020 wasn’t so bad after all!”

Films about ageing

Ageing or aging – it’s something we all do all the time – and yet it’s rarely discussed and not many seem particularly positive about it. Apart from a few of life’s rites of passage such as leaving school, getting married, starting work  it’s often viewed as the inevitable long march towards infirmity and death.Continue reading “Films about ageing”

The University of the Third Age

I thought I’d stop by u3a again – the University of the Third Age.  I’ve been aware of them for years and tried to join a few months ago. It’s only £7.50 so what have I got to lose I told myself.  I navigated my way round the somewhat antiquated website only to discover thatContinue reading “The University of the Third Age”

Still on target with my 2020 running challenge

Today I ran my 931st kilometre of 2020.  On January 1st I set myself the challenge of running 1,000k in a year and I’m still on target. That works out at just under 20k a week – usually comprising four 5ks – which feels to me like quite an achievement.  I started the year imaginingContinue reading “Still on target with my 2020 running challenge”

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