Does anyone really enjoy cycling?

Last night I was kept awake with the noise of ducks doing something that rhymes with their name. I can only assume that’s what they were doing. From the moment my head hit the pillow the noise they made was positively primeval. I couldn’t help but admire Mr Drake – every 10 minutes or soContinue reading “Does anyone really enjoy cycling?”

Chateau de Moh’s Street Art Parc

Spent a very pleasant hour viewing street art in the grounds of a Loire Valley chateau.  With the honourable exception of Banksy I’m not a great fan of urban art but was intrigued by this exhibition. Just a 15 minute walk from our campsite in the heart of traditional, historic France, it seemed such anContinue reading “Chateau de Moh’s Street Art Parc”

The trials and tribulations of camping life

Our gas bottle ran out yesterday morning as I was in the midst of boiling a kettle and cooking some scrambled eggs on the two rings of our campervan cooker. It’s the first time that’s happened while we’ve been away and I’ve often wondered how easy it would be to get it refilled.  Not easyContinue reading “The trials and tribulations of camping life”

Joy is allowed again as pubs and restaurants reopen

Joy at last!  After over 100 days of lockdown yesterday’s coronavirus press conference was the first that made me laugh out loud. There was Boris Johnson’s endearingly shambolic performance including the moment he had five goes at saying Contact Tracing, Contract Tasting sounded so much more interesting. Then there was his admittance that he’d beenContinue reading “Joy is allowed again as pubs and restaurants reopen”

Am so missing Wimbledon

Wimbledon should have started yesterday.  Of all the sporting events cancelled in 2020, this is the one I’ll miss the most because it’s an annual event, because of the wall-to-wall TV coverage and because I love tennis. We’d have been in the midst of the Euros Football now and looking forward to the Olympics butContinue reading “Am so missing Wimbledon”

A 60th Birthday Lockdown Party I’ll never forget

Had a Coronavirus Lockdown 60th birthday party yesterday and bizarrely it was all the better for it. Rather than the big Birthday Bash I was planning I could only invite just a few family and friend households. To give our small gathering a bit more of a party atmosphere, Mrs Jones booked the ‘live onContinue reading “A 60th Birthday Lockdown Party I’ll never forget”

A cheeky Nando’s instead of big Birthday Bash

I’d earmarked yesterday for my big 60th Birthday Bash. For obvious reasons I cancelled it months ago to be replaced by a much smaller gathering of family and close friends.I have to say following yesterday’s weather I’m so glad I did.  Thank you Coronavirus! I’d planned a garden party with some entertainment – a singerContinue reading “A cheeky Nando’s instead of big Birthday Bash”

Am loving Lionel Shriver’s new book about being 60.

I love to have a good book on the go, one that both makes me think and makes me laugh.  Have just started to reading Lionel Shriver’s just published The Motion of Body Through Space which I downloaded to my Kindle for the remarkably cheap price of £2.99. An American author and journalist who livesContinue reading “Am loving Lionel Shriver’s new book about being 60.”

Didn’t enjoy being amongst people in first non-essential shop

Went on my first proper out-of-town non-essential shopping mission yesterday.  I’ve been wanting to buy a new laptop for months but needed to see it in the flesh.  I thought I’d give what I imagined would be the busy Monday reopening a miss and drove up to Fosse Park yesterday afternoon. There was a definiteContinue reading “Didn’t enjoy being amongst people in first non-essential shop”

Loving The Salisbury Poisonings but finding it just a little sexist

Watched The Salisbury Poisonings last night, me and over 7 million others making it the most watched British drama in years. I managed to stay awake – well I am approaching 60!- through all of the first two parts of the three-episode drama which makes it worthy of a Brian Jones ‘five star ‘not fallingContinue reading “Loving The Salisbury Poisonings but finding it just a little sexist”

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