Scarecrows and Sounds of Swing

Although our two weeks of impeccably observed quarantine came to an end on Monday, it already feels like forever ago. Nonetheless we are making the most of our first weekend of freedom which judging by today’s media may be our last until 2021.  Good riddance 2020 I’ll be saying when the last of its wretchedContinue reading “Scarecrows and Sounds of Swing”

Freedom Day

Yesterday was our 14th and final day of quarantine, so today is freedom day, hooray! I’ve been looking forward to this moment for two weeks.  Now it’s here I’m not so bothered and feel in no rush to get out. Maybe I’ve relaxed too much, maybe I’ve got used to staying at home or maybeContinue reading “Freedom Day”

Quarantine Day Thirteen – ageism has its place

With football properly back including Coventry City playing their first league game in six months, my 13th day of quarantine did indeed go quicker than the previous 12. Outrageous, I know, but I watched the game in bed – on iFollow – with Mrs Jones.  We both lay there drinking gin and tonic and eatingContinue reading “Quarantine Day Thirteen – ageism has its place”

Quarantine Day Twelve – football season back

Normal Saturday routine restored – hooray! – and I have a feeling that day 12 of my quarantine will fly by. Thankfully my Saturday paper arrived, no Extinction Rebellion protest keeping me apart from my favourite source of news and sport this morning. After catching up with all the depressing Covid news and eating myContinue reading “Quarantine Day Twelve – football season back”

Quarantine Day Nine – I’m liking the sound of it

As I write this blog there are only 114 out of the original 336 hours of quarantine to go and all being well I’ll be asleep for 40 of them I’m glad it’s only 14 not 40 days as it was of old.  Before we’d ever heard of Covid I was in Malta over ChristmasContinue reading “Quarantine Day Nine – I’m liking the sound of it”

Quarantine Day Eight – Saga Possibilities discounts reviewed

I imagined there would be all sorts of free stuff I could get when I turned 60.  There are indeed a few freebies and offers though not many as I reviewed in blogs earlier this year.  Truth is, partly because of Covid, the only discount I’ve availed myself of, so far, is free prescriptions.  WelcomeContinue reading “Quarantine Day Eight – Saga Possibilities discounts reviewed”

Quarantine Day Seven – My Saga saga

It will have been just over 10 years ago that I received my first personalised direct mail letter from Saga. I remember opening the envelope, glancing at the contents and throwing it in the bin with disgust.  Saga is for old people and how dare they own a database that tells them that I’ve justContinue reading “Quarantine Day Seven – My Saga saga”

Quarantine Day Four without alcohol

I’ve gone over 48 hours now without touching a drop of alcohol.  That followed three weeks of drinking every day. I really should be experiencing some form of cold turkey. More than two of those weeks, of course, I was on holiday so that’s allowed I guess.  My daily drinking over that three week periodContinue reading “Quarantine Day Four without alcohol”

Quarantine Day Two – Prime Bacon

Day two of quarantine and the 14 days is already feeling like it might be a long haul. I’m trying to tell myself to enjoy it, not make lists, take my time, relax and enjoy the undoubted luxury of being at home with little to do. I’ve decided to fully immerse myself in the AmazonContinue reading “Quarantine Day Two – Prime Bacon”

My up and down camping day and night

Slowly we’re beginning to relax into our holiday and every now and then I’m enjoying a near perfect experience. This morning after a pleasant – yes it was really was – 5k run through idyllic Dordogne countryside – fields of sunflowers, that kind of thing – we relaxed by the campsite piscine. Twenty lengths inContinue reading “My up and down camping day and night”

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