Reconciling our different retirement dates and dreams

My wife dropped the bombshell last night that she was considering putting off her retirement to “somewhere between 60 and 65”. She turns 57 in a couple of weeks’ time and she’d previously talked about 60 as a likely date to, at least, cut back her hours. There’d been nothing hard and fast about that,Continue reading “Reconciling our different retirement dates and dreams”

Will my new committee role feel like work?

Through choice I spent yesterday evening at a committee meeting. I spent much of my working life avoiding them and now that I’m retired I’ve started going to them when I don’t have to.  Judging by the others in the room it’s what retired people do.  In fact, aged 59, I was welcomed as newContinue reading “Will my new committee role feel like work?”

60th birthday party planning gathers pace

The first of my 60th birthday invites are out.  I handed a few out at Saturday’s surprise party and Mrs Jones is taking some with her to work today.  The rest will go out later largely electronically via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, text message and email, might even post one or two. The invite features picturesContinue reading “60th birthday party planning gathers pace”

I am not happy with my Cex-life

A quiet Sunday looms as Storm Dennis wreaks havoc across the UK.  First thing today me and Mrs Jones made the most of a brief respite in the storm conditions to go for a quick 5k run.  We’ve gone and booked ourselves in for a 10k on March 8th and thought we really ought toContinue reading “I am not happy with my Cex-life”

My lawnmower Valentine gift to myself

I’m getting myself a lawnmower for Valentine’s Day. Is there not a sadder statement? A lawnmower’s hardly romantic after all but what makes it even worse is that I’m buying it for myself.  Unless Mrs Jones springs a surprise later that’ll be the only present I get. Saddest thing is I’m actually quite excited aboutContinue reading “My lawnmower Valentine gift to myself”

No to nudity in new film Emma!

I studied English when I was a student back in the early eighties.  One of the aspects I most enjoyed was discovering that I liked literature I never thought I would.  Books, for example like, Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene or George Eliott’s Adam Bede. Most of all though, to my surprise, I really enjoyed whatContinue reading “No to nudity in new film Emma!”

I am throwing my life away!

It all started a few weeks back when I went up to the loft to put the Christmas decorations away.  I normally dump it up there as quickly as possible, turn the lights out, put the ladder away, shut the hatch and leave it all there to fester until early December. This year I couldn’tContinue reading “I am throwing my life away!”

Frank Skinner restores my faith in live comedy

Past experience has taught me that watching comedians live is a risky business, last night though I took the plunge and I’m glad I did. As a bit of a treat for myself while Mrs Jones was at a work conference I took off to London for the day, something my semi-retired status theoretically allowsContinue reading “Frank Skinner restores my faith in live comedy”

Gardening brings me closer to God!

There are certain things you just can’t help starting to like when you’re older which simply confirms the awful truth that you are, in fact, getting older. I occasionally catch myself scanning mailers from Saga that I willfully ignored when they magically started appearing as soon as I turned 55.  I have also noticed thatContinue reading “Gardening brings me closer to God!”

Friendly Birmingham brightening the January gloom

It was the grey-est, gloomiest, damp January day and yet the people of Birmingham seemed to have lots to smile about. Our day in Brum for Cup football and a Burns Night Supper started with a Peroni for me and a glass of Kir Royale for Mrs Jones in Grand Central’s upmarket Frizzenti bar.  Next toContinue reading “Friendly Birmingham brightening the January gloom”

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