What is it about Christmas lights?

It’ll take more than a few festive lights to clear the Covid tier 3 gloom though they do help.  For the first time ever my Christmas decorations are up and it’s not even December. After the initial but predictable disappointment of the first set of lights I tried not working,  followed by a quick dashContinue reading “What is it about Christmas lights?”

Am growing to love the National Trust

What is it in the head of a 60 years-old man that makes them want to join The National Trust? I’ve been aware of the Trust’s existence for as long as I can remember but only ever considered joining for the odd fleeting moment until I turned 60. Is there a Government-controlled microchip in yourContinue reading “Am growing to love the National Trust”

Already missing Great British Bake Off

How bittersweet it was to watch last night’s Great British Bake Off final.  Sweet to watch the bakers concoct their sugary cakes, bitter to know it was the last one in the series. Who among us hasn’t longed, on these glum autumnal evenings of soaring infections and grim fatality reports, to be transported to theContinue reading “Already missing Great British Bake Off”

A day out at Henry Moore’s sculpture park

On somewhat of a whim because there was little else to do we went to the Henry Moore studios and gardens in Hertfordshire yesterday. I’m glad we did. I’ve known a little of Moore’s work from a module on sculpture I studied as part of an uncompleted Art History course I did many moons ago.Continue reading “A day out at Henry Moore’s sculpture park”

What to do when there’s nothing to do.

That was the challenge of our first lockdown 2 Sunday. We devote part of most Sundays, when we’re at home, to a family dinner.  Usually the shopping, meal cooking and being with the kids takes up most of the afternoon and early evening. We love it but it takes time, particularly for Mrs Jones, soContinue reading “What to do when there’s nothing to do.”

My Lockdown 2 box-set Top 10

With its unseasonably good weather I spent a lot of the last outdoors – running, cycling and gardening. I’ll forever associate a particular corner of the garden with the daily coronavirus press briefings – I used to sit there, airpods on, basking in the last of the late evening sun. This time I won’t beContinue reading “My Lockdown 2 box-set Top 10”

My day at Maggi Hambling’s Marlborough exhibition

Had  a spontaneous day out in London yesterday. Quite by chance I caught the tail end of a BBC Two documentary ‘Making Love with Paint’ about the artist Maggi Hambling. Within moments I found myself utterly captivated by the woman, who turned 75 on Friday, and her work. There and then I booked a slotContinue reading “My day at Maggi Hambling’s Marlborough exhibition”

So many inspiring 60 year-old male role models

I spent the evening watching another sexagenarian last night – Hugh Grant. He joined my 60 club a few weeks back on September 9th.  His Bridget Jones co-star Colin Firth is already there. Not far behind is football hero Gary Lineker who turns 60 next month and then next year in May it’s George Clooney’sContinue reading “So many inspiring 60 year-old male role models”

Am disappointed with my National Trust membership

I joined the National Trust not long after my 60th birthday. On and off over the years I’ve thought of joining but never got round to it but something happened in my brain when I turned 60 and I thought now was the time.  A kind of older person version of when Harry Enfield’s KevinContinue reading “Am disappointed with my National Trust membership”

Home learning courses galore!

I want learning to be a key part of my retirement life. For years I’ve wanted to speak French – I spent a couple of years making slow progress on an evening course then abandoned it.   I’m also interested in developing my range of digital skills including Search Engine Optimism. There’s plenty of fun stuffContinue reading “Home learning courses galore!”

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