It was great to enjoy a nearly normal weekend

This last weekend had some of the hallmarks or normality returning and how much better it felt for it. After a week of DIY it started with a relaxing Friday evening for me and Mrs Jones culminating in an hour long hot tub session downing some half-decent homemade mojitos while we chatted as the sunnyContinue reading “It was great to enjoy a nearly normal weekend”

My top seven albums of all time

Trending on Facebook right now is a viral post asking people to list their favourite seven or ten albums of all time. You are asked to copy/paste this text:  “I’ve agreed to post one album per day – no explanations, no reviews – just covers.  Each day I will ask a friend to take upContinue reading “My top seven albums of all time”

Not Fade Away, thriving in retirement

Am finding more time for reading during the lockdown and have started a book that really resonates with me right now.   It’s by Celia Dodd and called Not Fade Away, How to Thrive in Retirement.  The book’s introduction neatly encapsulates some of the challenges I’m facing as I transition into retirement.  “Retirement is a timeContinue reading “Not Fade Away, thriving in retirement”

Can’t wait to queue at B&Q!

Am trying to suppress my excitement this morning  …  a trip to the DIY store B&Q beckons. When I was a young man starting out in the world of home ownership, I used to hate anything to do with DIY and consequently dreaded going to B&Q. Even before lockdown a trip to B&Q – whichContinue reading “Can’t wait to queue at B&Q!”

Cheering myself up with Morrissey at 60 at 60.

Amidst all the manic depressive ups and downs of pandemic life music has been one of my biggest highs in recent weeks. I’ve been wiring it straight into my brain through my newly bought airpods during my thrice-weekly runs and sometimes while I’m gardening. A few weeks ago, to add a bit of variation toContinue reading “Cheering myself up with Morrissey at 60 at 60.”

#whenthisisallover, let’s cheer our hospitality workers

I’ll be out again clapping for carers at 8pm tonight.  There’s been a great response in our street since the Thursday clap started.  As well as clapping, there’s some cheering, whooping plus the more demonstrative wield pots, pans and other kitchen utensils and there’s even the odd firework to add to the din.  It’s becomeContinue reading “#whenthisisallover, let’s cheer our hospitality workers”

New meals plan to fight the virus lockdown

Amongst the various first-world crises coronavirus has spawned for those of us who are lucky enough to be well I can now add food. With all restaurants closed and delivery options seemingly limited to Indian, Chinese or pizza we’re getting a little tired of the food we cook ourselves. For as long as we canContinue reading “New meals plan to fight the virus lockdown”

How to survive April now that lockdown is here

That’s the challenge I’ve been facing up to this morning.  My ever-growing semi-retired need to give my life routine and purpose has got me thinking. I’m convinced the lockdown will continue – might even get more severe – throughout all of the 30 days of April.  That combined with the ever more depressing news aboutContinue reading “How to survive April now that lockdown is here”

UK lockdown week one, how did I fare?

It’s only day five of the full lockdown, but the partial lockdown – shutting down of pubs and restaurants – started this time last week.  In truth I guess it’s gone better than I hoped which in no small part has been down to the sunny weather. I’ve managed to replace my early morning gymContinue reading “UK lockdown week one, how did I fare?”

My guilty day in the garden

Almost felt guilty yesterday.  While it seemed like the rest of the world was going to hell in a handcart – how appallingly apt that phrase is, see below – I was having a lovely day in my garden. I spent most of it in the Spring sunshine planting, weeding, edging and carrying out aContinue reading “My guilty day in the garden”

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