My new coronavirus retirement routine

Almost all the things that formed part of my cherished retirement routine have been cancelled because of coronavirus.   No early morning walk to the gym, no 5k on the treadmill nor any of the all-important social interaction with other like-minded semi-retirees round the pool or in the sauna. No activities that used to form partContinue reading “My new coronavirus retirement routine”

It’s just the bleakest day

My oldest daughter’s bar job ended abruptly at 3pm yesterday when she received the news via her team’s WhatsApp group that the company she works for was closing all its restaurants with pretty much immediate effect. Details of how, or even if, she and her colleagues will be paid are to follow. I confess IContinue reading “It’s just the bleakest day”

Isn’t it about time our cossetted elite footballers gave something back?

It took just one case of coronavirus – Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta – for the Premier League to shut-down.  Imagine if that had occurred in other sectors – even those that we wouldn’t call essential – such as hospitality, non-food retail, parts of the media, various trades connected to building etc, all of which areContinue reading “Isn’t it about time our cossetted elite footballers gave something back?”

Breaking Bad and Budget binge-watching

One of the things I thought I’d enjoy about retirement was the opportunity to binge watch.  Just sit down, relax, take it easy and enjoy a few hours in front of the television.  I’m not really a box-set man though one day I will make an exception and set aside a week to watch allContinue reading “Breaking Bad and Budget binge-watching”

My eBay hustle is taking off

My side hustle eBay business has now surpassed the four figure mark, I’ve made in excess of £1,000.  Over the years my small marketing company acquired quite a lot of tech including a couple of iMacs, a MacBook, servers, printers, phone handsets and various storage devices. When I closed the office down about 18 monthsContinue reading “My eBay hustle is taking off”

My first 10k race

Before the race I will be one of over a thousand people who have chosen to spend their Sunday morning running around the Staffordshire countryside for an hour in the wind and rain. I usually spend it lying in bed with Mrs Jones, reading the paper, eating a bacon sandwich, watching the Andrew Marr show,Continue reading “My first 10k race”

Work absence is making my heart grow fonder

I’ve got a very busy full-day of work today and spent most of yesterday preparing.   I know that’s true of most people of working age but for me it’s out of the ordinary. And do you know what, I’m really quite looking forward to today’s firefighting and facilitation.  My meeting very first thing will involveContinue reading “Work absence is making my heart grow fonder”

Absorbing the French fashion style now I’m 60

It was Mrs Jones birthday yesterday.  After the highs of our week away, it was a quiet school night in so the main focus was present opening. Playing safe I’d bought her pretty much what she’d asked for, her main present was the leather-style biker jacket she’d mentioned about a month ago.   It looks goodContinue reading “Absorbing the French fashion style now I’m 60”

Tapas, tajine and jazz finish our week in Marrakesh

It’s going home day today and our much-needed week’s sunshine break in Marrakesh is nearly over. Over the last three evenings we’ve tried two new restaurants and spent the last night at one of our favourite haunts.   On Friday night we went to Entrepote, a Mediterranean restaurant recommended by another hotel guest. Here we enjoyedContinue reading “Tapas, tajine and jazz finish our week in Marrakesh”

Virtually naked medina massage ends unhappily

This time last week Deontay Wilder was waking up after losing his heavyweight title rematch with Tyson Fury in the seventh round.  Today, I’m waking up after an hour-long ‘tonifiant’ hammam massage in Morocco’s medina and I feel pretty much the same as Wilder. This was supposed to be the romantic couples’ massage I’d bookedContinue reading “Virtually naked medina massage ends unhappily”

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