2021 Resolutions Part 2

Despite the grim news of more lockdowns – my town is now in ‘Stay at Home’ Tier 4 – I’m going to plough on with my new year resolutions assuming that eventually the world returns to normal. Yesterday, I looked at the key areas of health and purpose, today I’m focusing on everything else. SocialContinue reading “2021 Resolutions Part 2”

Full retirement moves a step closer

Work, as I’ve always known it, will for me come to an end very soon.  I’ve been letting my business whither on the vine, as a friend once described it, for a couple of years now.  And last week I got the call giving notice on my last remaining contract.  It was disappointing news butContinue reading “Full retirement moves a step closer”

A million older people renting by 2030

I took out a large mortgage at the grand old age of 46. It was for a 25 year term so I would have still been paying it off into my seventies, well after I planned to retire.  That worried me a lot at the time though didn’t seem to concern my mortgage provider oneContinue reading “A million older people renting by 2030”

Chancellor slashes 10 million pensions and nothing happens!

Over 10 million people could lose an average of £73,000 each in retirement if their annual pension increase is currently linked to the retail price index.   This is because Chancellor Rishi Sunak has backed the request made by the UK Statistics Authority for the country to ditch RPI and use a version of the consumerContinue reading “Chancellor slashes 10 million pensions and nothing happens!”

Most over 55s unaware of pension tax trap

Yet another Covid timebomb could await the hundreds of thousands of savers who have dipped into their pensions during the pandemic, triggering punitive tax charges. However, 80% of those aged between 55 and 64 are unaware their future pension contributions could be capped after they make a withdrawal, research from NFU Mutual has found. TheContinue reading “Most over 55s unaware of pension tax trap”

In a muddle about my new iPhone purchase

I’m in the midst of making a big-ish purchase.  It’s an experience I no longer enjoy because life is so much more complicated these days. It’s time to get a new mobile phone.  I’ve had my iPhone 7 now for about four years and have been falling out of love with it for a goodContinue reading “In a muddle about my new iPhone purchase”

My pension just got further away

The time I’ll have to wait to draw my state pension got further away yesterday as the age at which most people start to receive it officially hit 66. Men and women born between 6 October, 1954, and 5 April, 1960, will now start receiving their pension on their 66th birthday. Truth is I’ve knownContinue reading “My pension just got further away”

A treasure trove of useful, impartial information on pensions

This week is supposed to be Pension Awareness Week.  September is a particularly popular month to be aware of everything from Sourdough to Urology, from Sexual Health to Balance, from Jeans for Genes to Hygiene.   Now, somewhat bizarrely, is also time for The Great British Spring Clean, rescheduled thanks to Coronavirus.  Charity PRs loveContinue reading “A treasure trove of useful, impartial information on pensions”

Quarantine Day Eleven – time to get a job

I’ve decided I want a job, just a little job, not many hours, nothing too stressful! Over the last few months of being semi-retired I’ve come to this conclusion for a whole bunch of reasons: I need a purpose and I feel I have something to offer.  OK, I’m 60, which I know would putContinue reading “Quarantine Day Eleven – time to get a job”

Quarantine Day Eight – Saga Possibilities discounts reviewed

I imagined there would be all sorts of free stuff I could get when I turned 60.  There are indeed a few freebies and offers though not many as I reviewed in blogs earlier this year.  Truth is, partly because of Covid, the only discount I’ve availed myself of, so far, is free prescriptions.  WelcomeContinue reading “Quarantine Day Eight – Saga Possibilities discounts reviewed”

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