A treasure trove of useful, impartial information on pensions

This week is supposed to be Pension Awareness Week.  September is a particularly popular month to be aware of everything from Sourdough to Urology, from Sexual Health to Balance, from Jeans for Genes to Hygiene.   Now, somewhat bizarrely, is also time for The Great British Spring Clean, rescheduled thanks to Coronavirus.  Charity PRs loveContinue reading “A treasure trove of useful, impartial information on pensions”

Quarantine Day Eleven – time to get a job

I’ve decided I want a job, just a little job, not many hours, nothing too stressful! Over the last few months of being semi-retired I’ve come to this conclusion for a whole bunch of reasons: I need a purpose and I feel I have something to offer.  OK, I’m 60, which I know would putContinue reading “Quarantine Day Eleven – time to get a job”

Quarantine Day Eight – Saga Possibilities discounts reviewed

I imagined there would be all sorts of free stuff I could get when I turned 60.  There are indeed a few freebies and offers though not many as I reviewed in blogs earlier this year.  Truth is, partly because of Covid, the only discount I’ve availed myself of, so far, is free prescriptions.  WelcomeContinue reading “Quarantine Day Eight – Saga Possibilities discounts reviewed”

Quarantine Day Seven – My Saga saga

It will have been just over 10 years ago that I received my first personalised direct mail letter from Saga. I remember opening the envelope, glancing at the contents and throwing it in the bin with disgust.  Saga is for old people and how dare they own a database that tells them that I’ve justContinue reading “Quarantine Day Seven – My Saga saga”

Is there anyone you can trust with your money?

I spent the early part of this year consolidating my various pensions putting them all in one place.  It was a right hassle with the various pension providers making the change as difficult as possible, even the recipient provider seemed to want to talk me out of it. I’d made the move following a reviewContinue reading “Is there anyone you can trust with your money?”

Over 50s facing pandemic jobs crisis

Quarter of a million over-50s ‘will never work again’ is the stark headline in the Money section of today’s Sunday Telegraph. One in four (2.5million) workers aged 50 and above have been furloughed and, of those, it is predicted  that 377,000 could lose their jobs.  This is based on forecasts by the Office for BudgetContinue reading “Over 50s facing pandemic jobs crisis”

Am eating out to help out

A somewhat mysterious email hit my inbox at 6.07 this morning: Morning All,  Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control the gym will not be open today. We anticipate reopening tomorrow morning and will be in touch further if that is not the case. Please help us by letting other members know if youContinue reading “Am eating out to help out”

The search for meaning, part 2. What nourishes my soul?

My bid to find meaning in retirement gets underway today and I’ve found an interesting article in Psychology Today, here’s an excerpt: “No matter how much you look forward to retirement, you may wake up the morning after your last day at work and feel sadness or anxiety. For decades, your days and weeks were structured. SometimesContinue reading “The search for meaning, part 2. What nourishes my soul?”

My savings aren’t very interesting!

Since the beginning of the year I’ve started producing my own personal monthly financial report.  I’ve become a lot more money-aware as retirement beckons and the certainty of a regular monthly wage lessens. That means I need to stay a lot more focused on my savings and other investments.  I’ve occasionally thought of handing thisContinue reading “My savings aren’t very interesting!”

Here endeth mad March

I see month-ends as a good opportunity to review how my retirement transition journey is progressing.  When I started writing this blog I worked out each month represents one-third of one percent of the average remaining lifespan of a 60 year-old in the UK.  I find it motivating – not depressing – to know thatContinue reading “Here endeth mad March”

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