2021 Resolutions Part 2

Despite the grim news of more lockdowns – my town is now in ‘Stay at Home’ Tier 4 – I’m going to plough on with my new year resolutions assuming that eventually the world returns to normal. Yesterday, I looked at the key areas of health and purpose, today I’m focusing on everything else. SocialContinue reading “2021 Resolutions Part 2”

Covid killing conversation

I went back to the gym today before it closes again for another month or two. I did my usual treadmill session and swim and was looking forward to a chat with like-minded men of my own age. This used to be an important part of my BC – Before Covid – routine enabling meContinue reading “Covid killing conversation”

A Christmas message

Just another day Christmas Day isn’t it? Well it is and it isn’t. After all that’s happened this year, there was no better reminder that family is pretty much all that matters. Thankfully, unlike so many others, we were able to spend it with ours. How strange it is we need food, drink and presentsContinue reading “A Christmas message”

Christmas Day 2020 is here at last.

By 8.35am we’d opened all our presents.  It takes weeks to buy them, hours to wrap them and minutes to open them. I’ve been a very lucky boy – great pressies from Mrs Jones including some new trainers and a new running cap.  It’s a beautiful bright sunny day and there was more than aContinue reading “Christmas Day 2020 is here at last.”

Already missing Great British Bake Off

How bittersweet it was to watch last night’s Great British Bake Off final.  Sweet to watch the bakers concoct their sugary cakes, bitter to know it was the last one in the series. Who among us hasn’t longed, on these glum autumnal evenings of soaring infections and grim fatality reports, to be transported to theContinue reading “Already missing Great British Bake Off”

A day out at Henry Moore’s sculpture park

On somewhat of a whim because there was little else to do we went to the Henry Moore studios and gardens in Hertfordshire yesterday. I’m glad we did. I’ve known a little of Moore’s work from a module on sculpture I studied as part of an uncompleted Art History course I did many moons ago.Continue reading “A day out at Henry Moore’s sculpture park”

The Show Must Go On in 2021

Am I the only one to find Amazon’s Christmas advert ‘The Show Must Go On’ so very moving? It tells the inspiring story of a determined young ballerina bringing the community together amidst the challenges of this year set to an arrangement of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’. The campaign features 17-year-old French balletContinue reading “The Show Must Go On in 2021”

A sad, grey November day

If it weren’t for the latest Covid lockdown we’d be at Sandals in St Lucia right now. Golden sandy beaches, warm azure blue seas, tasty fresh cuisine, unlimited cocktails and the baking sun of the Caribbean. It’s a winter getaway we’ve been doing for a few years at this time of year. Experiencing the alternativeContinue reading “A sad, grey November day”

Lest we forget

On Remembrance Sunday the two greatest war poems. A vivid reminder that life could be so much worse – makes me ashamed of all that I complain – and of the debt we owe. Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,Till onContinue reading “Lest we forget”

Our Hallowe’en pre-lockdown night out in Oxford

What a bizarre evening it was.  As the country waited for Boris’ Lockdown 2.0 announcement, life carried on as normal in UK vaccine capital Oxford. After a stormy, grey morning, the sun made a surprise appearance so we decided to walk into town early for a night out that would start mid-afternoon. It’s a fascinatingContinue reading “Our Hallowe’en pre-lockdown night out in Oxford”

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