"Just a perfect day…

… drink sangria in the park and then later when it gets dark, we go home. Just a perfect day, feed animals in the zoo then later a movie, too, and then home.” Had a great day yesterday, wouldn’t go as far as it being a Lou Reed Perfect Day.  There was no sangria, noContinue reading “"Just a perfect day…”

My Billy-No-Mates trip to Sheffield

Last week I took myself off on a day trip to Sheffield on my own.   There I’ve got it off my chest.  I’ve only told a few people about this clandestine weekday activity and now it’s out there.   I did mention it to a retired mate and, to be fair, he was very positive. HeContinue reading “My Billy-No-Mates trip to Sheffield”

60th birthday party planning gathers pace

The first of my 60th birthday invites are out.  I handed a few out at Saturday’s surprise party and Mrs Jones is taking some with her to work today.  The rest will go out later largely electronically via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, text message and email, might even post one or two. The invite features picturesContinue reading “60th birthday party planning gathers pace”

Choosing a starter home with my daughter

I braved Storm Ciara yesterday with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend to help them choose their first home together.  I felt useful for a change and more than a little emotional. They’ve been together now for three years and are currently sharing a home with his uncle and have been saving hard to putContinue reading “Choosing a starter home with my daughter”

My prostate and me

A couple of weeks ago it was widely reported that prostate cancer had become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK.  Partly driven by campaigns encouraging men to get tested by celebrities Stephen Fry, Rod Stewart and Bill Turnbull it had overtaken breast cancer. Last night I learned at first-hand how it can affectContinue reading “My prostate and me”

School running the gauntlet

Yesterday I made the big mistake of leaving home at just after 3pm.   I was walking into town to meet some work colleagues, a route that takes me past the local school along what we call locally jitties.  Jitty is a peculiarly British Midlands term for a narrow passage, usually a short-cut, between buildings orContinue reading “School running the gauntlet”

The wondrous customer service of Apple

When I was younger I used to think of 60 as being old.  Now I’m nearly there I know how wrong I was. I don’t feel it and I don’t think it. One of the things that proves to me that I’m not old is when I feel delight for things shiny, new and from theContinue reading “The wondrous customer service of Apple”

February, my favourite month, time to party

February is the kindest month … those words have potential, might make a good start to a poem!  I like February, in many ways I think it’s the best month, full of hope and mercifully short.  Without doubt, January is the worst, dry and blue and wet and cold.  February, by contrast, feels like theContinue reading “February, my favourite month, time to party”

January’s done, so is a third of a percent of my life

So there goes January, it dragged for the first few weeks then all of a sudden these last few days have flown by. That’s one-twelfth of 2020 and, by my calculation about one-third of one-percent of the rest of my life. If I’m lucky enough to live the average lifespan of someone in the UKContinue reading “January’s done, so is a third of a percent of my life”

Frank Skinner restores my faith in live comedy

Past experience has taught me that watching comedians live is a risky business, last night though I took the plunge and I’m glad I did. As a bit of a treat for myself while Mrs Jones was at a work conference I took off to London for the day, something my semi-retired status theoretically allowsContinue reading “Frank Skinner restores my faith in live comedy”

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