Behind the mask in vaccine capital Oxford

Yesterday was face mask day, the day it became mandatory in England to wear a mask in shops, take-aways and on public transport. It was also the day we chose to visit one of our favourite cities – Oxford – the place that’s doing more than most places to bring this mask madness to anContinue reading “Behind the mask in vaccine capital Oxford”

London Olympics opener felt like it was from another world

The BBC showed a repeat of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony last night. It took me back to those halcyon days when the world was a very different place – before Brexit, before Trump, before Covid. I remember watching the ceremony live eight years ago with a mix of excitement, expectation and yes someContinue reading “London Olympics opener felt like it was from another world”

Back from France and ready to make the most of 2020 part 2

Back home now after our week in France.  Had a good time and know it won’t be long before we’re away again. Spent our last night on an excellent campsite, Camping La-Bien-Assise – pictured above – just 20 minutes from Eurotunnel and the Calais ferry port. As the name suggests, it’s in the grounds ofContinue reading “Back from France and ready to make the most of 2020 part 2”

Does anyone really enjoy cycling?

Last night I was kept awake with the noise of ducks doing something that rhymes with their name. I can only assume that’s what they were doing. From the moment my head hit the pillow the noise they made was positively primeval. I couldn’t help but admire Mr Drake – every 10 minutes or soContinue reading “Does anyone really enjoy cycling?”

Chateau de Moh’s Street Art Parc

Spent a very pleasant hour viewing street art in the grounds of a Loire Valley chateau.  With the honourable exception of Banksy I’m not a great fan of urban art but was intrigued by this exhibition. Just a 15 minute walk from our campsite in the heart of traditional, historic France, it seemed such anContinue reading “Chateau de Moh’s Street Art Parc”

Here’s to looking at the Loire

I’ve spent a large part of the last few days looking at the Loire.  Our camping pitch faces it, all the food and drink we’ve enjoyed in bars and cafes are alongside it, so are the cycle and running tracks that span the length of it. I love being on or beside a river, wheneverContinue reading “Here’s to looking at the Loire”

The trials and tribulations of camping life

Our gas bottle ran out yesterday morning as I was in the midst of boiling a kettle and cooking some scrambled eggs on the two rings of our campervan cooker. It’s the first time that’s happened while we’ve been away and I’ve often wondered how easy it would be to get it refilled.  Not easyContinue reading “The trials and tribulations of camping life”

Exploring the beautiful village of Montsoreau

Our first night in 2020 on our hard, cramped campervan bed in was surprisingly restful apart from my usual ‘where am I’ panic when stirring in the pitch dark at 2am. After that it always takes me a while to calm down as I’m then filled with a vague sense of claustrophobia about being constrainedContinue reading “Exploring the beautiful village of Montsoreau”

On a beautiful Loire Valley campsite.

We made it, we escaped! We’re here in France, camping next to the beautiful River Loire. After a naughty – hopefully not reckless – evening out at home which involved the first draught pint and meal out for over 100 days, we hit the road to France. The atmosphere on England’s so-called super Saturday feltContinue reading “On a beautiful Loire Valley campsite.”

At last we are free to go to France

Free at last!  The UK’s 14-day quarantine rule has been lifted and just in time for our week off. Last night – after days of speculation and more Government dithering – it was announced that people arriving in England from countries including France, Spain, Germany and Italy will, from July 10, no longer need toContinue reading “At last we are free to go to France”

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