Am disappointed with my National Trust membership

I joined the National Trust not long after my 60th birthday. On and off over the years I’ve thought of joining but never got round to it but something happened in my brain when I turned 60 and I thought now was the time.  A kind of older person version of when Harry Enfield’s KevinContinue reading “Am disappointed with my National Trust membership”

We’re planning 2021, more in hope!

We’re going to start planning 2021 tonight. Amazing really after the fruitless exercise of planning 2020. I’ve hardly looked at the big year planner wall-chart I bought this time last year. It’s not even on the wall anymore, the only things that continued to happen were the annual due dates for insurances, tax that kindContinue reading “We’re planning 2021, more in hope!”

Was I right to turn down “last” trip with Dad?

Had to let my Dad today down which didn’t feel good. A few weeks ago he mentioned that “before he died” he wanted to return to a place on Spain’s Costa Blanca where he’d once owned a villa. Funny that phrase, it kind of goes without saying that you’re going have to do things beforeContinue reading “Was I right to turn down “last” trip with Dad?”

On the London tourist trail

After exploring our little pocket of Mayfair we spent the rest of our London weekend as typical tourists. This started with a walk up to Buckingham Palace which, despite Covid, still had a fair few tourists milling around, all of whom seemed European. On the off chance we dived into The Queen’s Gallery and happilyContinue reading “On the London tourist trail”

Not tired of London

Didn’t know quite what to expect during our London weekend. The media images I’ve seen of our capital in recent months either show the deserted streets of the square mile or the riotous behaviour of youngsters spilling out of London pubs. Euston station was certainly quieter when we arrived and so were the streets onContinue reading “Not tired of London”

Avanti West not going the distance on staying safe

Braved public transport for the first time this weekend for a much delayed birthday treat trip to London organised by Mrs Jones. Had a great time in our capital – which still felt amazing despite Covid –  apart from the return journeys on the Avanti West line from Rugby to London Euston. I’d love toContinue reading “Avanti West not going the distance on staying safe”

In the bleak Covid mid-winter

Well that’s that, 2020’s as good as over and the cold, grim first few months of 2021 will be a write off too, following Boris Johnson’s announcement of the latest set of Covid restrictions which could last six months. These include the 10pm closure of pubs and restaurants, fewer exemptions to the rule of sixContinue reading “In the bleak Covid mid-winter”

My last free day before quarantine in Bayeux

Our last day of freedom – before our 14 days in quarantine – was fittingly spent in the Normandy town of Bayeux. For a very brief moment in June 1944 Bayeux was the capital of free France after being swiftly liberated by the Allies.  General Charles de Gaulle came here soon after to make aContinue reading “My last free day before quarantine in Bayeux”

From beautiful Perigord to masked up Tours

Our journey home to the UK began with a brief detour to the Dordogne town of Monpazier. ​It is easy to see why it is considered to be the most perfect, and best preserved, of all the 300-plus surviving bastides – a village or town in medieval France built especially for defense and usually laidContinue reading “From beautiful Perigord to masked up Tours”

With cases rising it’s time to leave Dordogne’s golden glow

We’re finally giving up on our summer holiday. News of “exponential” growth in virus cases “everywhere” in France coupled with speculation about another national lockdown means we’ve decided to cut short our holiday. Nearly a fifth of France has been designated a “red zone” due to spikes in infection rates across the country. In newContinue reading “With cases rising it’s time to leave Dordogne’s golden glow”

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