2021 Resolutions Part 2

Despite the grim news of more lockdowns – my town is now in ‘Stay at Home’ Tier 4 – I’m going to plough on with my new year resolutions assuming that eventually the world returns to normal. Yesterday, I looked at the key areas of health and purpose, today I’m focusing on everything else. SocialContinue reading “2021 Resolutions Part 2”

Loving the lights at Blenheim

The Blenheim Palace illuminated night trail – there’s no better way to spend a dark, dank December evening. Booked more in hope than judgement, it was a pleasant surprise to see the show go on, so we along with thousands of others escaped our tier 3 lockdown for a night of freedom in Oxfordshire. AllContinue reading “Loving the lights at Blenheim”

Am growing to love the National Trust

What is it in the head of a 60 years-old man that makes them want to join The National Trust? I’ve been aware of the Trust’s existence for as long as I can remember but only ever considered joining for the odd fleeting moment until I turned 60. Is there a Government-controlled microchip in yourContinue reading “Am growing to love the National Trust”

Europe’s winter sun spots

I was in my garden yesterday making the most of the unseasonably warm weather lopping some giant tree shoots. Then it happened, for a fleeting moment the Sun came out.  I felt the warmth on my back and saw the grim, grey cloud part to reveal a bright stream of ochre light.  I felt goodContinue reading “Europe’s winter sun spots”

Our Hallowe’en pre-lockdown night out in Oxford

What a bizarre evening it was.  As the country waited for Boris’ Lockdown 2.0 announcement, life carried on as normal in UK vaccine capital Oxford. After a stormy, grey morning, the sun made a surprise appearance so we decided to walk into town early for a night out that would start mid-afternoon. It’s a fascinatingContinue reading “Our Hallowe’en pre-lockdown night out in Oxford”

Craziness of camping

Here I am sat in a cold, leaky tent attached to the side of our Campervan. The heater is on but I’m still damp after putting up the tent in the rain, wet on the outside from rainwater and on the inside from the sweat of my exertion. The wind is getting up outside periodicallyContinue reading “Craziness of camping”

Am disappointed with my National Trust membership

I joined the National Trust not long after my 60th birthday. On and off over the years I’ve thought of joining but never got round to it but something happened in my brain when I turned 60 and I thought now was the time.  A kind of older person version of when Harry Enfield’s KevinContinue reading “Am disappointed with my National Trust membership”

We’re planning 2021, more in hope!

We’re going to start planning 2021 tonight. Amazing really after the fruitless exercise of planning 2020. I’ve hardly looked at the big year planner wall-chart I bought this time last year. It’s not even on the wall anymore, the only things that continued to happen were the annual due dates for insurances, tax that kindContinue reading “We’re planning 2021, more in hope!”

Was I right to turn down “last” trip with Dad?

Had to let my Dad today down which didn’t feel good. A few weeks ago he mentioned that “before he died” he wanted to return to a place on Spain’s Costa Blanca where he’d once owned a villa. Funny that phrase, it kind of goes without saying that you’re going have to do things beforeContinue reading “Was I right to turn down “last” trip with Dad?”

On the London tourist trail

After exploring our little pocket of Mayfair we spent the rest of our London weekend as typical tourists. This started with a walk up to Buckingham Palace which, despite Covid, still had a fair few tourists milling around, all of whom seemed European. On the off chance we dived into The Queen’s Gallery and happilyContinue reading “On the London tourist trail”

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