Our divided country – public v private

In one of the bleaker days of our Covid year I heard the news of the Wales lockdown and the impact it will have on the livelihoods of those running small businesses. Some of the stories of livelihoods that will be lost – as a result of the ridiculously named ‘fire-breaker’ – in the retailContinue reading “Our divided country – public v private”

Binmen in line for my first Christmas RAOK

There’s a bloke who lives in my town who performs a Random Act of Kindness every day. Every now and then someone writes of their delight about his latest RAOK on one of these town pages on Facebook. It’s a great thing to do and I bet he gets a lot of pleasure from theContinue reading “Binmen in line for my first Christmas RAOK”

At last, new Three-Tier lockdown system makes sense

Having spent much of the summer seething about the Government’s handling of the pandemic I’m finding little to be annoyed about in the Three-Tier system announced yesterday. It seems to me that a sensible middle course has been struck between doing nothing and the full national lockdown that was imposed earlier this year. I’m pleasedContinue reading “At last, new Three-Tier lockdown system makes sense”

Was I right to turn down “last” trip with Dad?

Had to let my Dad today down which didn’t feel good. A few weeks ago he mentioned that “before he died” he wanted to return to a place on Spain’s Costa Blanca where he’d once owned a villa. Funny that phrase, it kind of goes without saying that you’re going have to do things beforeContinue reading “Was I right to turn down “last” trip with Dad?”

Banks on our side, yeah right!

I generally have little time for banks but the recent Lloyds Bank adverts ‘By the side of people who have to bank from home’ plumbs new depths. There are similar campaigns from most of the banks pretending that they are helping customers through the pandemic when, in fact, they’re just using it to drive moreContinue reading “Banks on our side, yeah right!”

All of a sudden I’ve become “cute”

For the first time I can remember I’ve been described as “cute”, and it’s happened more than once.I’ve also managed to elicit the occasional “aaah” about something I’ve said or done.   This turn of events has come as a surprise. I’d imagined everyone’s cute quotient starts reducing from around the age of two unless theyContinue reading “All of a sudden I’ve become “cute””

Our town’s Time to Die?

Our local Cineworld closed down yesterday, maybe to reopen in the Spring, maybe never again. Of all the Covid closures of recent months,  I found this one of the saddest. I’d not long realised that the occasional trip to the cinema was back on the agenda again, they’ve been safely open now since July.  LastContinue reading “Our town’s Time to Die?”

Avanti West not going the distance on staying safe

Braved public transport for the first time this weekend for a much delayed birthday treat trip to London organised by Mrs Jones. Had a great time in our capital – which still felt amazing despite Covid –  apart from the return journeys on the Avanti West line from Rugby to London Euston. I’d love toContinue reading “Avanti West not going the distance on staying safe”

Quotes about ageing, part 3

Final part of my three-part series of quotes about ageing. I’ve highlighted my favourite ones. 34. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ― Les Brown 35. A man ninety years old was asked to what he attributed his longevity. I reckon, he said, with a twinkleContinue reading “Quotes about ageing, part 3”

‘See Me’ poem particularly poignant now

Yesterday’s post featuring Shakespeare’s All the world’s a stage monologue from As You Like It about the Seven Ages of Man brought to mind another of my favourite works of literature. It’s a poem called ‘See Me’ that was found among the possessions of an elderly lady who died in the geriatric ward of aContinue reading “‘See Me’ poem particularly poignant now”

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