I am aiming for peak happiness in 2042

Spoke to my Dad yesterday for the first time in just over a month.  He’s just got back from a month’s cruise of the Caribbean, is already looking forward to his next holiday, and seems pretty pleased with life. He’s 86, in good health and is positive about most things. In many ways I seeContinue reading “I am aiming for peak happiness in 2042”

No to nudity in new film Emma!

I studied English when I was a student back in the early eighties.  One of the aspects I most enjoyed was discovering that I liked literature I never thought I would.  Books, for example like, Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene or George Eliott’s Adam Bede. Most of all though, to my surprise, I really enjoyed whatContinue reading “No to nudity in new film Emma!”

School running the gauntlet

Yesterday I made the big mistake of leaving home at just after 3pm.   I was walking into town to meet some work colleagues, a route that takes me past the local school along what we call locally jitties.  Jitty is a peculiarly British Midlands term for a narrow passage, usually a short-cut, between buildings orContinue reading “School running the gauntlet”

The wondrous customer service of Apple

When I was younger I used to think of 60 as being old.  Now I’m nearly there I know how wrong I was. I don’t feel it and I don’t think it. One of the things that proves to me that I’m not old is when I feel delight for things shiny, new and from theContinue reading “The wondrous customer service of Apple”

Proud, angry, sad, excited on Brexit Day

After nearly four years of trouble and strife we’re finally here, Brexit Day.  Just two months ago it felt like this day would never happen.   We’d be forever stuck in a perpetual groundhog day of endless debate about if, when and how we would leave the European Union. Then the people spoke, we decided toContinue reading “Proud, angry, sad, excited on Brexit Day”

Gardening brings me closer to God!

There are certain things you just can’t help starting to like when you’re older which simply confirms the awful truth that you are, in fact, getting older. I occasionally catch myself scanning mailers from Saga that I willfully ignored when they magically started appearing as soon as I turned 55.  I have also noticed thatContinue reading “Gardening brings me closer to God!”

Friendly Birmingham brightening the January gloom

It was the grey-est, gloomiest, damp January day and yet the people of Birmingham seemed to have lots to smile about. Our day in Brum for Cup football and a Burns Night Supper started with a Peroni for me and a glass of Kir Royale for Mrs Jones in Grand Central’s upmarket Frizzenti bar.  Next toContinue reading “Friendly Birmingham brightening the January gloom”

Locker-room banter not Trump-style

My daily retirement routine starts with a trip to my local gym.  It’s a 20 minute walk each way and then about 40 minutes cardio or weights in the gym.  The remainder of the time is social, chatting with the other – mainly men – who arrive at a similar time to me, not tooContinue reading “Locker-room banter not Trump-style”

Crime and my Lovebus camper van

The Lovebus made its maiden voyage of 2020 yesterday.  Yes, I have a camper van, me and Mrs Jones – good name for a song – spend many of our weekends and a large part of the summer in it each year.  It was just a short journey to keep the battery charged while myContinue reading “Crime and my Lovebus camper van”

The crisis in masculinity

I am proud to be a man.  I love women, am married to a great wife, have wonderful daughters, still admire, miss and love my mum who died over 10 years ago.   Partly thanks to her I’m on the centre right politically and regard Margaret Thatcher as the greatest politician of my lifetime.  In herContinue reading “The crisis in masculinity”

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